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Meet the Baton Rouge natives who went viral on social media

Chances are, you’ve probably seen Cale Saurage and John Corban while scrolling on your Instagram or Twitter feed. 

The duo, both Baton Rouge natives, are well known across social media for their funny, relevant videos.

Saurage, 21, and Corban, 22, started making videos last October. In January one of their posts, which shows the pair dancing around different locations in Baton Rouge, went viral. The clip has over 13 million views on Twitter and over 100,000 views on YouTube. 

The pair decided to roll with the momentum and kept posting new videos. Now, Saurage has hundreds of thousands of followers across his social media accounts, and Corban isn’t far behind.

However, the duo doesn’t focus on the numbers — their aim is to create positive content that resonates with their followers, they say.

“It’s not a goal of followers anymore, it’s more of spreading positivity,” Saurage says.

The best feeling is when a follower comments or messages them to tell them a video brightened their day, Corban adds. “It’s cool to make content that makes people forget about what’s going on everywhere else and smile for a minute,” he says. 

For example, the duo recently posted a video with another friend, where the three of them donned neon wigs and blasted Lizzo’s popular pop hit “Truth Hurts” in the car.

While there’s no way to predict which content will take off in a constantly changing digital world – especially in the niche brand of millennial meme humor – Saurage and Corban have learned how to cater to audiences on different platforms and how to adapt to new algorithms on each channel. 

“I think there is a formula, but very few people know what it is,” Saurage says. “We’re trying to figure it out, but we’ve only been doing this for six months.” 

Part of the formula is keeping their videos simple. Though Saurage has a professional editing setup, he prefers to shoot and edit the videos on his iPhone because it makes their content more relatable, he says. 

Another part is filming in locations people will recognize. Locals will notice downtown Baton Rouge, Perkins Rowe and Tiger Stadium in the background of popular videos. 

While they may not have it completely figured out yet, they’re having fun experimenting as they go and are already working toward building their own online brands. Saurage monetized his Youtube channel and recently launched a merch line that sold out in three days. 

Saurage and Corban say they’re doing the same things they’ve done for years – the only difference is now they’re capturing it. 

“It’s not all the way out your hands when you post it, but for the most part it is and you cross your fingers and see what happens,” Corban says.


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