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Meet the New Fashion Editor

By Yuwa Vosper

Personal style is a strategic form of expression. It is how we present ourselves to the world. Similar to many others who love styling and shopping, I spend most of my time reading fashion magazines. In fact, I love fashion magazines so much I examined fashion captions to determine a specific style of fashion writing for my master’s thesis. Yes, my love of fashion runs that deep. This column is not my first foray in fashion writing, and as the new fashion editor I wanted readers to get to know me. I wanted to put a face behind the name.

Recently, Vogue editor-in-chief Anna Wintour was featured in a video asking her 73 questions. Even though these were basic questions, it made the woman nicknamed the Ice Queen a little more personable. So, I decided to follow her lead.  No, I did not create 73 questions about me – but I could. I just answered some questions about me you might want to know. Maybe some you did not want to know but may find interesting anyway.


Q: What is one word you wish everyone in fashion would stop using?

A: Statement. I despise the word so much it sparked the idea for my master’s thesis. That item of clothing is not a statement. It is not a sequence of words that conveys a thought. Instead, the item may be bold, vibrant, or the focal point of your ensemble.


Q: What is your favorite magazine?

A: Currently, InStyle or Lucky magazine because the editorials feature more lifestyle styling and better explain to readers how to wear the ensembles featured and provide more realistic options. For editorial styling, I look at Vogue because Creative Director Grace Coddington has such a vivid imagination.


Q: Who is your favorite fashion editor?

A: My favorite fashion editor would be the late Diana Vreeland. She had such a grande vision for her editorials that they would resembled storybooks filled with vibrant images, rhythmic caption, and photographed in exotic locations.


Q: What is your personal style?

A: I can’t categorize my personal style into a group like bohemian or vintage, etc. However, I can say that I like loose, flowing clothing and garments that are uniquely constructed and sculptural. I really don’t prefer to wear denim except for shorts and would rather wear leggings in different fabrics or peasant skirts.


Q: Who is your style icon?

A: I generally don’t have one, but I am aware of all the style icons. I look at style icons as inspiration and infuse similar looks into my wardrobe.


Q: What would you never wear?

A: I do believe in the saying “never say never.” I told myself I would never purchase a pair of Gandhi style Dhoti pants and I did. And, yes, I looked utterly ridiculous.


Q: What are three items you always carry in your handbag?

A: Since I am impractical, my handbags are generally large totes the size of a small suitcase. However, the three items I always have in this Mary Poppins size bag are my cell phone, wallet, and lip gloss. I hate chapped lips.


Q: What are three most surprising or interesting things about you?

A: 1) I am a doctorate student at Louisiana State University.

2) I fractured my hip running a half marathon in March and finished the race. Yes, I felt the pain and I didn’t stop because I wanted to finish.

3) I competed in pageants.


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