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Midterm Lockdown

By Claire Salinas

You walk into the library in the zone to sit down and tackle that paper you’ve been putting off. All your books and notes are spread out and you’re typing away, when suddenly, out of nowhere, your computer dies.

You have enough to worry about this week, so avoid having your study session derailed because you’re missing the materials you need to succeed.

1.Healthy Snacks 

With all the mental gymnastics you’ll be doing to memorize the material you’re studying, you’re bound to work up an appetite. Fast food and six packs can wait until next week. For now, take the time to arm yourself with healthy snacks so you don’t succumb to the vending machine or the convenience of the library coffee shop.

I recommend stocking up on Greek yogurt, string cheese, almonds, fruit and granola bars to get through the week.

You will almost inevitably consume lots of coffee this week, but try to avoid a sugar crash by choosing more coffee based options, like a Café au Lait, or opt for teas instead of sugary blended drinks.

2. Print out all your materials 

Only you can prevent Computer Vision Syndrome.

Staring at a screen for hours can lead to painful headaches and major distractions when frustration from trying to find the website you had pulled up this morning leads to stalking your ex on Facebook and wishing you could drop out of college.

Avoid this emotional stress by printing out the articles you need to refer to while writing your paper or completing your project.

Already having them printed out helps you to avoid wasting time looking for them online and banging your head against the desk because the academic journal article you were counting on using as a main source for your paper is no longer available.

3. Chargers

There is nothing worse then being in the middle of a flow only to have all your hard work erased due to a computer malfunction.

Avoid this by always having the necessary chargers on hand. During midterms week outlets can be few and far between, so it wouldn’t hurt to have an extension cord on standby as well.

Phone chargers can also be a Godsend when the heavy use of the Wi-Fi connection in the library forces you to resort to using your data to find out exactly when the Gettysburg address was given.

This won’t be an option though if your charger is still plugged in next to your bed.

4. Library Clothes

I’m not just talking to you, guy who studied in Middleton nude last semester. (We tried to forget you, but your image is, sadly, burned in our minds).

This could also be translated to proper attire for the location you’ll be studying in.

Don’t be the person who has to leave a study group early because you’re so cold you can’t concentrate.

Also be sure to wear clothes you are comfortable in, since the best studying is not often done while sitting board straight or crossing your legs.

Don’t get too comfortable, though. Pajamas are taboo, no matter how much you paid for them.

5. Timer 

As annoying as it is, it is essential to take breaks to get up and stretch while you study.

Sitting is the new smoking, and recent studies have shown that sitting in excess can shave years off of your life.

Another simple way to keep your body limber during long study sessions is by making a temporary stand with a stack of library books you can place your laptop or study materials on top of to form a make-shift standing desk.


As a student doing well in classes is your job, and this week midterms is your assignment, so make sure you have all the tools you need to succeed this week.


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