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Midterm Survival Kit

By Rickey Miller

Grab your bluebooks, scantrons, and pencils because believe it or not, midterms are less than a week away. Midterms can be a bit stressful and that’s why DIG wants to make sure you are ready to conquer your exams. So, we have prepared a quick little handy guide to help you on your way!

Actually Attend Class

If you have a habit of skipping class, the week before midterms is definitely not the week to play hooky. Attending class WILL play a big part in how well you understand your test material. Also another great benefit of going to class is you’ll hear what specific material will be covered on the midterm. Generally, it’s just always a good idea to go to your class.

Take A Night Off From The Bars

We know you probably have the worst case of FOMO; however, when it comes to preparing for your midterm you should definitely hit the books instead of the dance floor at your favorite bar. Use a night to prepare flashcards, reread your material, or have a study session with your classmates. You’d be surprise at how one night of dedicated studying will make a huge difference in your overall grade.

Go Visit Your Instructors During Office Hours

You may be a little intimidated by the idea of meeting with your instructor outside of your normal classroom setting; however, visiting your instructors during office hours will show them that you are taking your grades serious. Ask questions about material you are confused about or even ask the instructor to provide you with some study material. You’ll find that office hour visits aren’t that bad after all.

There’s an App for That

As crazy as it may sound, there really is an app for almost anything you can imagine. Chances are there’s an app available that can help you study your material. Some of our favorites are Studyblue, Flashcards+ by Chegg, and Study Buddy.

DIG caught up with Nanette Cheatham, Assistant Director of Learning Strategies at the Center for Academic Success, who gave us some great advice for students preparing for midterms.

Use Your On-Campus Resources

One of the best things about being a Tiger is that you have all the tools for success available to you right at your fingertips. The Center for Academic Success is one of those resources that you should take advantage of if you’re struggling in your courses. Started in 1989 as The Learning Assistance Center, The Center for Academic Success continues to focus on student learning. Some of those resources the Center offers are free homework assistance like Shell Tutorial Center – located in Middleton; Supplemental Instruction – which is a “weekly, peer-led, group study session” for 16 of the most challenging and commonly taken course; and online tutoring (Smarthinking) – which students can access at any point 24/7. The Center for Academic Success also offers individual appointments where students can meet with a consultant and “obtain tips, tools, and strategies for optimal academic performance.”

Get An Early Start, Don’t Cram

Another way to ensure you’re prepared and ready for your midterms is to begin studying now! This is something Cheatham says will pay off in the long run – “I think one of the most important things is to start early.” Starting early will help you slowly learn the material, helping you to become more confident in your knowledge versus cramming the night before the test and worrying you may forget the information.

Test Yourself & Your Friends

Cheatham also says that it is a great idea to test your knowledge way before the instructor ever gives his or her test. “It’s one thing that students tend to overlook or forget before they take a test.” Cheatham says this studying step is one of the most important ones. She states, “You should make tests and trade them with your classmates in study sessions or take turns teaching the material to one another. If you are able to teach it to someone then you really know the information for yourself.”


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