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Mø Ready To Rock The Moon

By Pat Gunther

Danish songstress Karen Marie Ørsted, better known as MØ, is primed to hit the Spanish Moon stage on October 7th as a part of her tour following her debut LP No Mythologies To Follow. The progressive and powerful lyrics allow insight into her interesting and esoteric persona without sacrificing production depth and beautifully textured songs that envelope the listener in a world of energetic and hard-hitting pop music. However, unlike her current Billboard Top 40 counterparts, MØ’s honest lyrics and candid personality allow her to separate herself from the pack without a hitch.

Here’s why you should check her out at the Spanish Moon.

Candid and Electrifying
“I can’t be this person that I’m not,” she told frontpsych.com’s Kathi Heng in a June interview, “It would be fake and people would see through it. Of course, there’s a fine line between personal things and private stuff, but I don’t think it’s hard to balance between those things,” she finished. Amazingly enough though, MØ not only balances private and personal life, but shapes it into a poignant and open theme over next-level production that just isn’t there for pop icons like Katy Perry and Lady Gaga.

Far-Reaching Pop Music
Even though MØ’s distinct sound and writing process creates a rift between her and the superficiality of today’s smash-hit pop songs, her instrumentation and inspiration still maintains strong ties to pop icons of her youth, tinged with personal experiments and experiences. “Technically, I’ve been making songs since I was seven years old,” she stated, “Since the Spice Girls, because that was when I was like, ‘Okay, I’m going to become a musician.’ But this thing, MØ, I started working with Ronni [Vindahl, her producer and her guitarist while on tour] on it in 2012,” she continued, “But before that, I was in punk bands for five years. I’ve been in a lot of crappy bands. Also good bands, but a lot of high school sucky bands, too.”

Hard At Work
As for her current musical happenings, MØ has been hard at work with gigs all over the world with stops in New York City, London and Quebec before she hits the stage of the intimate Highland Road bar, the Spanish Moon. The trials and tribulations MØ has picked up on the road surely have shaped her punchy yet controlled sound that brings to mind comparisons of Lana Del Rey’s voice crossed with Grimes’ production and passion for beats that draw influence from a vast number of different genres.

Catchy and Empowering<
Though the conglomeration of her influences remains important, its MØ’s wide-eyed student-of-the-world approach to making music that makes her sound so unique. “When I started in 2009 it was this crunk rap, very attitudey thing, I was swearing a lot!” she told londoninstereo.com in an exclusive interview, “That’s why I came up with the name MØ because in Danish that means a virgin so it was ironic. But I chose to stay with the name because now it’s this whole thing about being a virgin to life, and young and naïve and restless and bored with youth.” When the restless Danish youth takes the stage on Oct. 7th, you better be ready for a hard-hitting dose of honesty, with some catchy, sweat-inducing production leading the way.


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