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Mobile Marsh Motel

By Matt Leerkes

Hunting, fishing, and exploring the outdoors all over our beautiful country for the last 27 years has brought me to some pretty cool camps. I’ve staying in big camps, little camps, camps 20 feet in the air, camps 14,000 feet up in the mountains, camps you can’t drive to, and even camps made of tarps and string, but I’ve only found one type of camp that really inspires and encourages the adventurous spirit of the true Southern outdoors man.

That, my friends, is a camp that floats and moves with the turn of a key; a camp that can sleep, shade, and supply the needs a full killing crew wile moving from one battle field to the next at a moment’s notice.

A few years ago my main killing partner Al and I decided that the only way to truly enjoy every aspect that the southern Louisiana marsh had to offer was to stay in the middle of the action all year around. As fishing season turns into hunting season, and our quarry changes or moves from one bayou to the next, the only way to really stay in the action is to move right along with it.

What better way to do that than get a houseboat?

A 45×15 foot Stardust Cruiser with a v8, to be exact. She’ll sleep, clean, and feed eight hardened warriors, and provide partying room for many more. With a rainwater collection cistern system, generator/solar power, and only two-foot water draft, her bounds know few limits. An added bonus of mobility is that she is also hurricane resistant. Not too many people can say that about their camp.  A few custom modifications like a fish/game cleaning table, small boat hoist, jamming sound system, and rod holders on the top, back, and front decks has turned the “Delta Rat” into our ultimate outdoor adventure home base.


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