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By Claire Salinas


Formed out of the humble process of friends getting together to jam on guitar, one band is bringing a kind twist to the local country scene.

Humble Kind was formed in 2013 by a group of friends who all played guitar, according to band member Michael Legendre. As with the average group of friends, the guys collaborate and compromise—but for them, it’s about more than just where to grab a beer.

“There’s no lead songwriter, we all kind of contribute and sing,” said Legendre. “That’s the good thing; there’s totally no ego here. We don’t have one guy who is the speaker for the band.”

Country music has soundtracked much of the band’s development, but their sound is more of a departure from the typical country.

“We have some country influences for sure, but we’re not really a country band,” said Legendre. “We play a lot of amplified electric stuff, so the term we use is electric folk. Our very specific country songs are a little more in line with Merle Haggard or Willie Nelson kind of songs, as opposed to mainstream modern country songs. Our sound came out of having four guitars and trying to figure out how to make a band out of the group.”

Although there are currently six members in the band, Legendre explained it started off with four friends.

“We started a band under the notion that everyone can sing, so there are four core members and all of them can sing,” said Legendre. “A lot of what we do is based around harmonies. Our two electric guitarists do a lot of harmonized lead work.”

Legendre also explained that the bands strengths lie in the lyrics and voices of their songs.

“The strength of the songs are the voices, and our lyrics are a strong point,” said Legendre. “We care deeply about the songs that we write. There’s a really good group of songwriters in Baton Rouge and we consider ourselves to be a part of that scene.”

As the name of the band states, the band is mainly interested in making good music, rather than setting the world on fire.

“We’re just a modest band,” said Legendre. “There’s a song we’ve done called ‘Water Into Wine,’ which we all kind of contributed musically to it. The theme of the song is about not worrying about perception so much, and not comparing yourself to what you think other people want you to be. It’s a bit of a theme song in terms of the mission of the band.”

Several guests will be joining Humble Kind during their performance at Chelsea’s Café on June 26, including a jazz musician and an electric artist.

“This show is a big one for us,” said Legendre. “There are going be a couple of guests paying with us. There’s one guy who’s an amazing all around musician, a UNO graduate in jazz and a graduate of Manhattan School of Music. He will be sitting in on a couple of songs with us. My brother will be playing with us as our drummer, as well. It’s kind of a homecoming for a couple of people.”

Humble Kind will take the stage at Chelsea’s Café on June 26. The show kicks off at 9 p.m., and tickets can be purchased at the door.


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