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Music: Dig picks for the First Dance

A couple’s first dance. A tradition many girls (and guys) imagine before the big day, or even before the proposal. Sometimes there can be a lot of pressure trying to find the right song. What is the feeling you want to convey? What is the connection the two of you have when this song plays? I’m of the opinion that you don’t have to pick a timeless love song for the big day, (what’s ‘timeless’ anyway nowadays?). Here is a happy mixture of songs that are classy, romantic, timeless and fun to get you started.

Walking in the Air – Celtic Woman

For the fairy tale princess wedding, nothing says magic like the voices of Celtic Woman. And this non-traditional love song is one filled with beautiful music, mesmerizing vocals and mystical imagery.

I Do (Cherish You) – 98 Degrees

Say what you will about ‘90s boy bands, but some of their songs are really great. Take this one for example. From beginning to end, it describes what goes through someone’s heart and mind when they think of their new life to come.

I’d Do Anything For Love – Meatloaf

Not many people would think that a guy with that name could create a power ballad as great as this one. But this point of view song has the right amount of romance for ladies and enough heavy guitar riffs for the man in their lives.

Faithfully – Journey

You could probably start a bar brawl over which Journey song is the most romantic but this one would be a strong contender.

Marry You – Bruno Mars

When it comes to selecting songs that will pump up guests to join on the dance floor, not many can contend with Bruno Mars. While this song is kind of a no-brainer to play at one’s wedding, follow it up with the dynamic hit Uptown Funk for extra energy.

We Found Love – Rihanna 

Another song that is a great upbeat floor-filler that can be meaningful to wedding couple and has some good lyrics, as well as a great dance beat. I once went to a wedding with this song as the first dance, and later found out the couple met at work.

At Last – Etta James

This song is a classic when it comes to weddings, and it’s easy to see why. It has a very soulful element to it and mentions what a lot of people think when they find the one they want to spend their lives with.

Crazy in Love – Beyoncé

Beyoncé’s debut song has gained quite a bit of popularity among brides looking for something a little different as a wedding theme. It gives you the perfect excuse to create awesome couple’s choreography.

You’re the One That I Want – Grease

Speaking of choreography, what better excuse to don leather jackets and spandex pants than at a wedding? Too much? Maybe. But I can give a 99 percent guarantee that the entire wedding party will jump at the bit to sing their lungs out during this song.


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