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Music: Humble Kind talks new album and Blues Festival

Big things are going on with Baton Rouge-based band Humble Kind. This past Sunday the band played the Baton Rouge Blues Festival for the first time, playing an intimate acoustic set in the lobby of the Old State Capital.

“We’ve been hanging around the festival for past few years, and we’re glad to finally get the chance to get in rotation,” said band member Benjamin Moore. “Hopefully, next year it will be the big stage.”

Moore also said that the Blues Festival is a great way to reach an audience that they don’t normally have a chance to play for.

“I like the exposure to people who would never come out to a usual venue,” said Moore. “Usually, we only get the chance to play in a bar. There are a lot of families here and people that may not be able to come out as late for our regular shows or be able to go into that environment. So I’m looking forward to the new people more than anything.”

Band member Will Folse also said that he feels the band’s music plays well to people who’ve never heard them before, and had looked forward to the opportunity of playing in the festival.

Humble Kind is currently in the process of recording its first full-length album. The band is working with John Tully at The Legendary Noise Floor studio here in Baton Rouge.

“It’s going really well,” said Micheal Legendre. “We’ve pretty much finished the tracking. We’re in the sort of mixing and mastering stage right now. So we’re hoping to get that out in the next couple of months and play some shows.”

Moore said that this album would include refined versions of older songs and new material

“A lot of it is about capturing what we’ve done already and trying to get that to the best quality possible,” said Moore. “And then using that opportunity of being in the studio to create something with more layers than you may be able to do on stage.”

“We’re trying to get it right, and make it sound like us,” Folse added. “We had a three song demo before, but this is something that’s probably going to capture what we really sound like. It’s putting our best foot forward in terms of the songs are, I think, our best group of songs, and I think we’re putting our best instrumentation alongside it. It’s kind of just making it the most polished product possible.”

The band hopes its album will be finished in time to correspond with the tour members are planning for this summer. Humble Kind is using Kickstarter to fund this new record. Rewards for backing the Humble Kind Kickstarter include a download of the album, stickers, T-shirts and much more. The link to the band’s Kickstarter, and more information about the band and its upcoming shows can be found on Humble Kind’s Facebook page at facebook.com/humblekind.

Photo by Kalynn Barnum


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