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Music: Tunes for singles

If you’re romantic like me, when Valentine’s Day rolls around, you find a reason to celebrate. But Valentine’s Day isn’t for everyone — namely, anyone who is single AF. But, whether we want it to, Valentine’s Day comes and goes, so we might as well find ways to make it fun. If you find yourself without someone to be yours on Feb. 14, turn up this Valentine’s Day playlist for single people, and put it on repeat. Then take solace in knowing that you’re probably having a better time than the guy who forgot to buy a gift for his girlfriend this year.

‘Dancing with Myself’ by Billy Idol
While you shouldn’t spend the holiday wallowing in self-pity, this track is a requisite single for the single set. Sure, you see your ex with their “new friend,” and it hurts worse than stepping on a Lego, but you don’t let that stop you from dancing all night.

‘I’m Coming Out’ by Diana Ross
Valentine’s Day is trumpeted as the day to celebrate unions of love, but it should also be a day to celebrate your love for yourself. Don’t stay cooped up, “break out of the shell” and get out there, both metaphorically and literally. There’s no shame in being single. Go out and own it on Feb. 14 just like you would any other day.

‘These Boots Are Made For Walkin’ ‘ by Nancy Sinatra
A classic hit you want to croon to the guy who did you wrong. Let it be your anthem on Valentine’s Day to salute past atrocious relationships that made you stronger and celebrate that you’re not one of the girls those guys are taking out to dinner tonight.

‘I Will Survive’ by Cake
The deadpan delivery in this cover of a time-honored classic makes the lyrics even more direct. Sure, stuff has happened, but you got through it, and now you’re better for it.

‘None Of Your Business’ by Salt-N-Pepa
Put your foot down with people who put in their two cents about how you should live your life. Whatever you want to do, especially when it comes to your love life, is none of their business.

‘No Scrubs’ by TLC
Because you have better things to worry about than the guy on Tinder who’s only looking for a one night stand.

‘Here I Go Again’ by White Snake
Nothing like an early ’80s power ballad to get you pumped out about being single. And isn’t it nice to be able to do whatever you want without checking in with someone first?

‘Single Ladies’ by Beyoncé
This one was kind of a given.


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