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By Claire Salinas

Corey Branan has never liked labels too much. He describes his sound as “mutt music,” because it’s a “mix of American roots music and punk and everything. I just let other people call it what they want.”

Branan has just released his fourth album, The No-Hit Wonder, but according to him this album has taken bit of a turn from his usual material since it’s about, “home and family, it’s more of a roots record. I have two kids now, I got married and I lost my father a few years ago.  Family has just been really important to me”

Branan has recently had a second child with his wife, and having a new baby in the house has not only changed his perspective, but also the way he writes music.

“I don’t really have a set way for writing music, and now that I have a seven month old child in the house any kind of schedule is thrown out the window.”

With such a hectic schedule Branan is open to all the ways a song may come to him.

“It’s always different, sometimes you get a song that just falls in your lap. I wrote ‘Rivers in Colorado,’ just riding through the mountains in Colorado.”

Branan is also open to the different ways his songs may be interpreted.

“Some great song writers you can learn better ways to live throughthem.  Songs have done that in the past for me. I try to make my songs stand up to real life, because it’s like they say, ‘These songs are like Swiss Army knives, you don’t know what people are going to use them for.'”

Branan’s performance in Baton Rouge will be among the first few on his six month tour around the country, but going back on the road has become more of a challenge for Branan as his family has grown.

“I still have to go out on the road and I have to do it to make money. That’s what the record is about, the pull of being on the road, leaving home and what it costs you. It definitely costs you.”

Branan’s tour schedule will give him three weeks on and then a week off, but he plans to maximize his downtime by spending as much of it as possible with his wife and kids.

“We have a park over by the house that we go to. We bang around on instruments over here too.”

Branan has big plans for his son’s musical future but it seems as if family tendencies have overtaken them.

“My son is looking like he might become a drummer. I let him beat on the piano, but he looks like a drummer while he’s doing it. I’m going to do in everything in my power to make sure he doesn’t become one. It’s just funny though because my dad and brother are drummers.”

In terms of what to expect at his upcoming show at Chelsea’s Cafe, Branan says, “I never really have a set plan, but anything people want to hear I’ll play.”

Branan explains what he wants his music to convey to people.

“I’m not different for difference sake. I kind of consider myself part of a long tradition of story tellers. I hope there will be enough meat in the songs for people to come back for seconds.”


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