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My bendy Valentine

By Claire Salinas


This year the LSU Museum of Art is offering a chance for romantic partners, friends and loved ones to spend the Thursday before Valentine’s Day increasing their flexibility and zen and enjoying wine and chocolate, all while surrounded by art.

The museum will offer partner yoga class will include AcroYoga, yoga therapeutics, massages and creative imagery, and Lucy Perrera, coordinator of school and community programs at the museum, explained the class will be enjoyable even for those who aren’t expert yogis.

“I foresee that the class will be fun, with lots of laughter, and that it will provide for some great stretches which always feel good. I know that people can also expect to see some amazing partner yoga in action which is amazingly beautiful,” said Perrera.

Pererra explained that wine and chocolate will be served after the class to “celebrate the practice, our strong healthy bodies, our loved ones, and the world around us.”

“Wine and chocolate are excellent for health and longevity,” Perrera said Usually after a yoga practice one feels already quite relaxed and happy, so I envision the wine and chocolate to be an added sensory experience, and maybe even [for couples] an elixir of love.”

Beth Zagurski, instructor at Agame Yoga and Mediation Center, will lead the class and believes that partner yoga is a perfect way a couple to connect or reconnect with each other.

“During partner or AcroYoga, individuals have to feel one another’s weight, communicate during poses and respect and help one another.  It helps there is a lot of giggling a fooling around too,” Zagurski said.

For those skeptical about being tied into a human knot on a day that is supposed to be relaxing, Perrera thinks the class will nudge couples into new territory more exciting than the typical Valentine’s date.

“Trying out something new is always good for you. I see this program as inching a bit outside one’s usual daily experience and maybe even challenging one’s comfort zone, which is very positive. What is the joy of life without taking a few healthy risks?” Perrear said.

Perrera believes the event will be an enjoyable way to push past the busyness of life and reconnect with a loved one.

“As someone who is usually a Valentines Day naysayer, I see this program as something that celebrates life and doesn’t have to be just for couples per se, but can also be done with a dear friend, a family member or even a new friend,” said Perrera. “Talk about a great ice-breaker. I know that in our busy lives we sometimes take our loved ones and friends for granted, so this program will allow you the opportunity to slow down and physically reconnect through touch and learning to rely on your partner.”

Perrera feels the setting of the event will create an atmosphere for an unforgettable event.

“The program will be held in the LSU Museum, which is pretty special, doing yoga surrounded by great art is special in and of itself.  Bottom line it will be a very special evening, something unique to add to your list of life experiences.”

All proceeds from the event will go towards bringing yoga to kids in underserved communities around Baton Rouge.

The event will be held in the LSU Museum of Art on Feb. 12 at 6 p.m. Admission is $30 per couple and tickets can be purchased in the Museum Store or by calling (225) 389-7210.



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