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My makeup horoscope

You may not realize it but your makeup choices make a statement as to the type of person you are.  From your brows to your lip color – every decision you make is key to how people view you. Find out what statement you’re making…


The Brows: 

Thick and Wild – You probably could care less about beauty regimens and the typical “girly” things like pedicures and manicures.  Most of your friends are guys and you couldn’t imagine spending hours on hair and makeup – you’re just fine being in your natural state and your idea of an everyday outfit is a graphic tee, a simple pair of jeans, and some comfortable kicks. You are The Laidback Beauty.

Pencil Thin – You are often seen as the girl who finds it hard to let go fashion trends. When you find a look that works for you there’s pretty much no changing it.  You are very into basic nails and basic hair.  You aren’t too much of a dare devil when it comes to exploring new ideas. You are The Classic Beauty.

Shaped and Arched – You find that simple is better.  You aren’t into the dramatic makeup look but you will spice things up a bit for the weekend. You are into contouring, having a fresh manicure, and keeping your hair on fleek. Keeping your body in shape and staying on top of the latest fashion wear – You are The Woman With The Fierce Style.  

Dramatic Drawn-In Brow – OK, so you’re the type of woman who speaks her mind.  People would describe you as the woman who wears all the crazy, trendy clothes and who wouldn’t be caught dead without her makeup on. Less is more is a thing of the past, you’re all about the big and flashy look. I mean, you are the center of attention!  You are The Dramatic Beauty.


The Face: 

Simple Light Beat – You are the woman who is all about the “natural look.” You don’t like to go over the top with your makeup – in fact, you believe that makeup should only be used to enhance your already beautiful features. While, you are not big into make up – you are very big into dressing for the occasion. You are that one woman who follows every fashion rule. To wear white after Labor Day is simply a SIN.  In the terms of modern culture you would be described as The Fashion Follower.

Fresh Face – You are the woman that would rather spend your money on experiences like traveling, having fun and partying with your friends. You aren’t the type of woman who wants to spend hours putting on makeup and getting ready to party—actually, you’re probably the same woman who has the “Thick and Wild” brows. While you aren’t much of a fan of makeup, you will occasionally try it for special celebrations like a wedding or date; however, you feel pretty ridiculous and awkward the entire time. You are The Natural Beauty. 

Contoured and Blushing – Makeup is your life!  You can’t imagine why anyone wouldn’t find makeup to be the best invented since online shopping. You spend hours researching new looks on YouTube and Instagram.  Some of your favorite celebs include Kim Kardashian, Victoria Beckham and the queen herself – Beyoncé. You take your look seriously – what people think about you matters and that’s why you’re always on the top of your game. You are the queen of contouring and when it comes to a bold lip. You are The Woman Who’s On Fleek.  


The Lips: 

Lip-gloss Be Popping – You are the woman who really isn’t into makeup BUT you LOVE yourself some lip-gloss.  It’s probably the only form of “makeup” you will wear, but it’s as far as you’re going to go with a bold lip.  While your friends take hours to get ready for a night out, you are ready in less than 15 minutes! You are The Easy-Going Woman.

Bold Red Lips – You are  vivacious, flirty, and ready to mingle. You are the life of the party who doesn’t care what people think about you.  You wear your lips and you wear it well!  You wear your red lips everyday to class, to work, and to the bars. You are The Bold Beauty.

The Subtle Lip – When it comes to lips you play it safe. You keep a happy medium…keeping a light matte lip during the daytime and spicing it up at night with a darker, bolder, shinier look for your night. You are The Practical Woman. 


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