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Ned Pearson

By Matt Bennett

Local entrepreneur Ned Pearson knows a profitable product when he sees or hears one. A few years ago, while purchasing a few cigars for his best friend’s wedding celebration, the shop employee’s miniature speaker caught the attention of Pearson’s eyes and ears. Utilizing vibration technology, the worker’s pocket-sized device amplified music with whatever it was attached on – in this case, a random box. After contacting the makers, Pearson sold roughly 3,500 of their innovative items in his family’s store, Pearson’s Travel World, in a single month.

“That’s when I began to like electronics and kind of become obsessed with tech,” said Pearson.

As a result, Pearson launched his brand called Audiobomb. His line includes handy outdoor gadgets like the Squish, Whaley and Solar Reflex. Squish, a water-resistant Bluetooth speaker, contains a suction cup and thus conveniently sticks on just about any smooth surface. Whaley, a completely waterproof Bluetooth speaker, floats in water, works underneath it and also features an adjustable tail. Complimenting Squish and Whaley perfectly, Solar Reflex provides a solar powered, portable dual charging station for phones, tablets and numerous other devices. The Solar Reflex also provides an emergency LED flashlight.

While Audiobomb’s products, like the caller ID feature, do certainly retain unique traits, similar ones still exist in droves all over the marketplace. Pearson, therefore, worries more about providing customers with the best possible quality instead of whether or not he actually coined the original idea.

“They can put the cheapest parts in there and sell massive quantities, and I know they’re doing it,” said Pearson. “We choose to put the best parts in ours, the best parts that we can get.”

Having caught on domestically, Audiobomb has also gained traction internationally as well. In fact, stores all over the world sell the Squish, Whaley and Solar Reflex.

Along with Audiobomb, Pearson also recently launched another brand under his 300 Concepts manufacturing company called Life Logic. Appropriately named, this line specializes in creating logical things for your life. Living in the South, your phone has probably overheated a time or two at the pool or beach during those 100 degrees summer days, right? Well, Pearson took the waterproof, floating phone pouch one step further when he added a heat reflector on the back thus sparing your iPhones and Androids from oppressive temperatures.

“The way my brain thinks is ‘How do I make it better?’” said Pearson.

In a city full of students, Pearson even designed his backpacks under another one of his brands called Southern Authority. With an impressive logo representing Louisiana’s state bird, Southern Authority’s book bags also feature a laptop and iPad pocket, secure straps with foam and a cell phone pocket designed so you can feel your mobile device vibrate when receiving incoming texts and calls.

As Vice President of Pearson’s Travel World, President of 300 Concepts, which includes the brands Audiobomb and Life Logic, and CEO of Southern Authority, Ned Pearson obviously understands good business. A Baton Rouge native, Pearson doesn’t hesitate when asked where he learned it all.

“My dad; my dad’s my mentor, hero, everything,” said Pearson. “He’s done a lot of entrepreneurial stuff, and he has taught me all of it every step of the way.”


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