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Netflix and Chill

By Myron Smothers

Move over music! There is a new way to get in the mood. No more setting the tone of the night by turning on one of your favorite slow jams. Now, many are opting into dimming the lights, selecting their favorite movie and popping off a “Netflix and Chill” session.
For those who are clueless to what a “Netflix and Chill” session is, it is basically a hookup; texting this to someone is analogous to ‘DTF?’ Instead of you watching the movie, the movie ends up watching you.
It starts with “wyd” text message. Then is usually followed by a “wanna come chill with me and watch Netflix?” For the most part, people know what your intentions are when you invite them over to watch Netflix. However, things do not always go as you might have planned them.
There are a lot of good choices on Netflix for successful “Netflix and Chill” sessions but remember this important advice:

‘Yes’ to N&C Does NOT Mean ‘Yes’ To Sex

If your friend honestly just wants to watch the movie, just watch the movie, there is nothing wrong with just sitting on the couch and watching Netflix. Both of you are going to be acutely aware of the awkwardness of the situation by reputation of N&C alone. Just act natural, and if the attraction is mutual everything will work out on its own. And if it doesn’t, it doesn’t.

Be a Good Host

For the love of God, make sure your apartment/dorm/house/cardboard box with wifi is clean. Just like any hookup, if you’re hosting and your place looks like the abode of a serial killer, you can’t blame the other person for bailing as soon as you turn around. And despite your/their intentions, you are there partially for a movie, so get some snacks and drinks put together.

Set The Right Tone

First, you want to be comfortable watching the movie so we suggest the bedroom or nice sofa. Second, when it comes to the movie, you have to be smart. The movie cannot be too interesting – you do not want to be too tuned into the film that you miss out on your key objective. Now at the same time, you do not want a boring movie because the possibility of falling to sleep is real. You want a movie that is average but gets your intentions across as well.

Here are a few movies we think are good enough to get someone to come over, but maybe not completely pay attention to.

The Nutjob

This is a great animated film for a session of this nature. The movie stars an squirrel who links back up with his former gang for a big heist. Do you research of this flick; I guarantee the squirrel’s mission is in the movie is probably very similar to yours for the night. Plant the seed with this and let it grow.

Private Parts

This film stars Howard Stern as himself and showcases his rise to fame. Now you probably are wondering “why should I press play on Howard Stern’s autobiography”? You should press play on this film because you are trying to put its title into play during your “Netflix and Chill” session.


No, this is not a porno. Netflix does not have those…yet. The movie is about a slave who is trained by his owner to become a fighter. Now watching the actual movie could kill the entire vibe of the night but the title alone should be enough to focus eyes in other places away from the screen.


Too obvious? Yes, definitely. This is the closest thing to porn Netflix has in its repertoire and we recommend you pull this one out only when you know the other party is coming over for sex and a movie; not the free popcorn. For the uninitiated, this movie can get pretty graphic, making it a clincher or deal breaker.

Human Planet

We don’t know what it is about nature documentaries, but they make some of the best background noise to bang to. They also create opportunities for stimulating intellectual conversation, which is actually pretty arousing. If you spot that hotty that’s majoring in biology, this is the perfect series to entice them with.


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