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By Nick BeJeaux

Red Stick Roller Derby finished their last home double-header of the 2015, beating out their competition with margins in the hundreds.

The performance differences between the league’s travel teams, The All Stars and the Capital Defenders have become negligible, says All Stars Captain Little Miss Maggot.

“They’ve surpassed the expectations I had at the beginning of the year, and not just the All Stars, but RSRD as a league,” she said. “Everyone has elevated their gameplay. The skill difference between the All Stars and defenders has become negligible. I think we have two very competitive teams and really impressed with the level of skill they have. Everything was done as a unit – there were very few individual moments. It was very precise.”

With both teams executing maneuvers and strategies, running successful jams as, and even better than, expected, Maggot says the league is setting its sights on the lofty goal of entering Division II. The league is currently Division III, which is for teams ranked below the top 100 teams in the country.

“We’d really like to break the 100 mark,” said Maggot.

By breaking into Division II, RSRD will have the opportunity to compete against higher-ranked and more challenging teams; literally bringing them to the next level.

“We anticipate tougher opponents next season, though we have no bouts scheduled yet,” said Maggot. “Out of all the teams we played this year, the only one we’re trying to schedule for next season is Tragic City.”

RSRD is enjoying a surge in popularity and new members joining its teams. Many leagues struggle with taking on new members while maintaining the skills and coordination to compete. By introducing home teams, the only league to do so, the league is able to give new members play, but maintain their travel teams. RSRD is tentatively holding it’s next Fresh Meat class in January. Follows RSRD on Facebook for more information.

The All Stars

The All Stars (6-4, 117) took no prisoners against the Mississippi Rollergirls in their home rink last weekend, leading the interlopers 387-92.

That 295-point margin is due in part to a string phenomenal jams, tight defensive coordination and impeccable skating. Out of the jam line rotation of Princess Lei-it Anya, Sparkles Fantastic, and Turbo Tyke, it was Sparkles that gave the All Stars the early momentum they needed to dominate in the way that they did.

In the very beginning of the first half, a string of jams by Turbo, Anya, and Hitbitchie Grrll gave the All Stars a narrow but comfortable lead of 18-3. At about the fifteenth minute in the first, Sparkles lead a monster jam for 35 points, riding out the full two minutes of the jam. Minutes later, she scored another 30 points. The jam line consistently scored in the double digits, a trend that continued into the second half despite a noticeable attempt by the lockdown their defense.

The Capital Defenders

Nearly undefeated this season, the Capital Defenders (9-1) in many ways resembled their A-Team counterparts in their bout against Northshore Roller Derby, which ended 315-82.

Much like the All Stars, the Defenders executed tight defensive

maneuvers, impressive skating that hugged the lines, and solid communication. Co-Captian Hitz Magee, Pint-Size Punk, and jamming phenom Racy Chapman lead overwhelming offense against Northshore.

At halftime, the Defenders lead 178-21 but, to their credit, Northshore refused to back down. Double digit jams came less easily to the Defenders in the second half than in the first and Northshore managed to squeeze out more than a few grand slams. The Defenders, however, adopted a more defensive posture and were able to keep Northshore in check.



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