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Newest iPhone to be unveiled, here’s what we know

Brace your wallets: a new iPhone is coming.

CNN Money reports the latest design of Apple’s iPhone will be unveiled Tuesday in Cupertino. The company should also provide updates for the AppleTV, Apple Watch, iOS and macOS release dates, and their HomePod speaker system.

This is the tenth anniversary for the iPhone, and the reveal will be held at Apple’s new Steve Jobs Theater. The milestone will also mean a special edition iPhone priced at around $1,000, according to Bloomberg.

Apple normally releases an update to their newest phone model in the year following that phone’s release. Last year’s release was the iPhone 7, and this year the company is expected to release updates to that line as well as the special edition phone.

Here’s what we can expect from the latest iPhone:

  • Possibly another iterative name, like the iPhone 8, but the special edition phone could also be called something like the iPhone Pro or SE.
  • No more home button, replaced instead by a rumored touch-sensitive OLED screen could cover the phone’s entire front face like the Samsung S8.
  • Replacing fingerprint identification with other biometrics such as facial recognition or iris scanning, according to analysts at KGI.
  • Wireless charging has also been something Apple’s rumored to be working on according to Bloomberg, likely through inductive charging by dropping your phone onto a base station. This special edition phone could be where that tech appears.

So just how popular does Apple expect the new phone to be? During a May earnings call CEO Tim Cook blamed rumors of the new phone for a slowdown in iPhone sales.

Check out CNN Money for a further breakdown of new features expected to be announced at the Apple Spaceship tomorrow.

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