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Nine Gifts for Fit Chicks

By Anna Wright 

Shopping for the fit lady in your life is no sweat. Whether your budget is tighter than a six-pack stomach or you’ve got cash to throw around like a barbell on clean day, this gift guide has you covered when you’re seeking a present for that lady of the gym.

For the penny pinchers

1. Workout headbands: If you are a girl, you know it’s a pain to workout with your hair in your face. Enter: stretchy headbands! Not only do they keep your face hair-free, they look super cute too. Are you bandin stretch headbands are $9 each and can be found at areyoubandin.com or at the following retailers in Baton Rouge: Apricot Lane, JuJu’s Boutique, Bengal Beach, Bengals & Bandits, and Pilates Plus.

2. Yoga mat: Any thick yoga mat will do! From sit-ups, to yoga, and even the occasional post-workout nap, yoga mats prove to be one of the most versatile pieces of exercise equipment. Yoga mats can be as little as $7.99, but vary widely in prices. For a good deal, try a store like TJ Maxx or Tuesday Morning.

3. Gift cards: I know what you are thinking, so impersonal right? Not necessarily. Give your friend a $10 or $15 gift card to a local healthy restaurant or store and you will receive a lot of gratitude.  Some healthy places in BR include Magpie Café, Truly Free, Counter Culture, The Big Squeezy, and The Salad Shop to name a few.

For the practical friends

4. Sports bras: Pretty self-explanatory. We are all women – some of us more endowed than others. Regardless, even our bras need to look fashionable. Target has good quality, colorful sports bras for as low as $14.99. Looking to spend a little more? Head on over to Victoria’s Secret or Dick’s for some more durable choices.

5. Workout Capris: The best part about workout Capris is their flexibility. On a hot day, you aren’t dying of sweat. On cold days, they cover an acceptable amount of skin to not freeze. Also, short or tall, they work for every height (and I’d be lying if I said they aren’t flattering on pretty much all body types). Old Navy cropped leggings start at $26.94 and Nike’s start at $42.00.

6. Monthly memberships: For those college students out there, it can be hard to wrap your head around dropping over $50 a month on a workout membership. Not to mention, it is hard to find the motivation to hit the local gym on your own. Memberships do not have to be to ordinary gyms though, and can include places like Red Stick Crossfit, Yoga Bliss, Yogalates, Open Barre, and Tread. Prices vary.

For the big spenders

7. Lulu Lemon: ANYTHING. Literally. From a headband to a full on workout outfit, any girl who likes to wear fitness clothes will burst from happiness when they see that signature Lulu Lemon symbol. Prices vary from as low as $12 for a headband to over $200 for those comfy winter coats.

8. New tennis shoes: The road to any girl’s heart is paved in shoes ­– in this case, bright, colorful, tennis shoes to show of at the gym or on a run. Popular brands include Nike, Saucony, or Asics. Head to Fleet Feet Sports or Varsity Sports to figure out the best shoe to get. Prices range from as little as $49.99 upwards to $100+, so get those wallets ready!

9. Fitness bands: She will be ecstatic when she opens up this gift! Though they may be pricey, they sure are technical. By tracking things like your sleep, activity, and heart rate, a fit band is sure to take her workouts to the next level. Some good fitness bands include the FitBit starting at $99.99, the Jawbone starting at $129.99, and the Garmin starting at $62.50


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