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Oh, Hell No!

What could make an LSU fan hate another team more than they hate Alabama? The University of Florida seems to have answered that question. During a game against Missouri, a fan brought a cat skeleton to the game. At some point, he threw it onto the field where Florida players were then photographed playing with it. A cat skeleton. Days after our beloved Mike VI passed away from a rare form of cancer. This isn’t even a case of #TooSoon. This is #WhyWouldYouEver.

The photo gained attention on Reddit where it was posted with the title “Florida players were mocking the death of LSU’s mascot Mike VI with a cat skeleton on the sideline.” Here fans debated whether they were mocking the Mizzou Tigers or if there was some other explanation. But the message seems clear with the purple and gold beads hung around the cat’s neck.

The cold-blooded moron who originally brought the cat skeleton into the stadium didn’t appear to be a big shining winner of the gene pool. One Reddit user said, “The guy who brought it had less teeth than the fake skeleton did.” But hey, that’s just appearances, right? What can you determine by someone’s lack of personal hygiene and inability to feel remorse or apathy? I’m pretty sure both of those are qualities of serial killers. Just saying.

Of course there are extenuating circumstances. The fan threw the fake cat skeleton onto the sideline. The players, high on adrenaline and the stench of man sweat, just saw a representation of Missouri’s mascot and thought it was funny. Maybe they never saw the purple and gold beads. Maybe they never connected the dots. Maybe.

But, this is just one example of bad taste, poor sportsmanship and downright idiocy recently. Weeks after thousands lost their homes in an unprecedented flood, Denham Springs High School played Live Oak High School on a Friday night full of what was supposed to be friendly rivalry excitement. Things went downhill when tasteless signs were spotted on the Live Oak side saying “Win or lose we still have a school” and “Denham girls go deeper than flood waters.”

Those are reminiscent of signs at a New Orleans Saints game after Katrina destroyed the city, where some heartless Chicago Bears fans held a sign saying “We will finish off what Katrina left behind!”

I know, I know. I’m being overly sensitive. I have no sense of humor… and any other excuse you can come up with to validate these callous words and acts. But I’m not being over sensitive.  More than 1,800 people DIED during Hurricane Katrina. People’s mothers, children, brothers and sisters DIED. Thousands more lost their homes, their pets, every possession. They lived in filth while trapped on rooftops and elevated highways.

But it didn’t happen to them. It doesn’t affect them. So they can’t sympathize.

This is the most concerning thing about all these tacky examples of human indecency. Are we losing our ability to sympathize with our fellow man? Are we unable to imagine ourselves in a position other than the one we’re in? It’s really easy to sit your fat ass on your La-Z-Boy recliner from the comfort of your undamaged home surrounded by all the things you’ve spent your life collecting and dream up ways to taunt people who have lost everything. But easy is not always right.


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