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By Tiffany Baptiste

All women have a pair. If you don’t, you should. You know, that one pair of heels that just makes you feel sexy. That one pair that tightens your thighs, lifts your butt, makes you stand tall, and makes you walk with Beyoncé-level confidence.

“The higher, the better,” says famed shoe designer Christian Louboutin. “It’s more about an attitude. High heels empower women, in a way.”

Whether it is a pair of classic pumps, a pair of platform heels, or a pair of thigh high boots, there is always that go-to pair that women know are guaranteed to get a man’s attention.

According to a study by Nicholas Gueguen published in the Archives of Sexual Behavior, higher heels not only increase a woman’s attractiveness, but also increase the chances of a woman getting what she wants from a man.

In the first experiment, women asked men on the street to take a survey while switching between wearing flats, 2-inch heels, and 3.5-inch heels. The study showed that not only did the women receive a higher participation rate in the survey when wearing the 3.5-inch heels, but they also were able to get the men to participate in the survey longer.

The second experiment was the old “Oops I dropped my glove” trick. The women would walk past a man and drop a glove and continue to walk. Results showed that 93 percent of men chased the women wearing high heels to return the glove, compared to the 62 percent of men who chased down the women who wore flats.

For the last test, the women, some wearing flats and some wearing heels, were placed in different spots in a bar. The results of this study showed that men approached the women wearing heels twice as quickly as they did women wearing flats.

So it’s simple, when you wear heels, especially those killer heels that make you feel sexy, men will more than likely fall to their knees. But besides what it does to men, it’s mainly what it does to the woman when she wears them.

A quote by shoe designer Giuseppe Zanotti says, “High heels are like a beauty life. In a flat, you can feel beautiful, but a stiletto changes your mood, how you move – like a beautiful, wild animal. The idea was always to follow a woman’s wardrobe, her desires.”

That is what the perfect sexy heel is supposed to do. It is meant to make you move sensually and feel desirable, like a model from Maxim’s cover. And nothing says, “Come and get it, if you can” like gliding or strutting into a room with confidence.

It is part of the attraction of runway models and the reason men tune into the Victoria’s Secret runway show every December. It’s not only the bodies but also the women walking down the runway with their heads held high, oozing confidence.

A simple, single-sole, strappy heel can exude a sense of classic sexiness. Think of Sharon Stone in the interrogation scene from Basic Instinct.

A sexy platform stiletto can give you the look and feel of a Beyoncé or Rhianna; a fierce woman that walks into a room and makes the crowd part with her mere presence.

The long desired knee high or thigh high boot, originally associated with Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman, gives more of the feeling of being in control. The feeling of being a woman that could bring any man to his knees.

So whether you want to play the hot socialite, the glamorous diva, or a person of authority, all you need is the right pair of shoes to give you that feeling. You have to look the part to play the part and own it.


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