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On the Edge

By Tara Bennett

The Baton Rouge art and music scene keeps heating up and there is no sign that it will be stopping anytime soon. This week the Spanish Moon will act as a gallery setting, bringing graffiti and street art to the general public during the Cru$ade Guerilla Art Show. The show will be held on Friday, Oct. 1 from 7 p.m. to 2 a.m.

For one night only this unmissable urban art group show presents a new bodies of work by some of the grittiest artists the Baton Rouge urban art scene has to offer. The show is a Corporate Slave Productions event, and is coordinated by local artist Michael A. Walker of artHouse 2041, whose vision for Cru$ade is “totally street.”

“Totally underground, totally uncensored…all fitting into a very cool space like the Spanish Moon,” said Walker. “Totally edgy.”

Totally edgy is what speaks to Walker as an artist. With his artHouse 2041 label, he primarily creates works that are controversial, but done in a cartoony-style with bright colors, which sometimes are black light reflected. Many of Walker’s themes are central to issues such as drug use, violence or religion, sometimes representing all three. For Walker, art made in the streets dies in the streets.

“When you’ve make somebody mad, you’ve done your job as an artist. That is the kind of stuff I want people thinking about. I’ve always considered myself very controversial and political,” said Walker. “Really a lot of people like my stuff, but it would never hang in their house because of the subject matter. That’s what drove me to do this…so that I can put artwork up along with other artists that are following that same kind of thought process. We don’t give a sh*t, we’re gonna do what we want.”

With plenty of drinks, gogo dancers, underground beats, live spoken word and the opportunity to mingle with the talented people, Walker hopes that people will get to experience a different type of art show, one that stirs away from a gallery setting.

“Basically I want people to come out and enjoy uncensored underground art, underground music and guerilla poetry,” said Walker. “Those are the three things you’ll get to experience out there.”

According to Walker, there will be around 20 underground, progressive street artists with a range of different mediums including paintings, tattoo art and photography. Music lineup includes DJs Mi5ta Clean and RickyB, floodmusic, M.C. Docsta and Soul Jettison, Made Groceries, and Tennessee Wulliams with Shoelace. Spoken word performances will be done by Brittney Morse, Jana King, Mary Lou Freebush and Eric Couto. The event will be emceed by Jay Price.

According to Walker, anybody who appreciates cutting edge art or just something different from the norm will enjoy Cru$ade.

“I want people to come out and experience just a piece of the underground,” said Walker. “I want them to think ‘I hope they do that again.’ That’s my hope as far as what they take away from it. They just went to something really cool, and they hope they do it again.”

Though he did advise the show may be too extreme for some.

“Personally I think people who like Donald Trump will not like this show,” said Walker.

Tickets for the event will be $8 and is recommended for mature audiences. For more information, visit facebook.com/CrusadeArtShow.


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