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$ounds of the $outh

Story telling is quite the art form, as reality can be very boring. But who are the storytellers of today? For many, it’s the young musicians and rappers that can hold an audience’s attention from beginning to end.
On Saturday, April 23, creators of Corporate Slave Productions and the bando will bring the $ounds of the $outh to the Spanish Moon, featuring several of BR’s up and coming hip hop and visual artists. The event will showcase DJ K-Strike, COOLR, Tone, Made Groceries, Dave Stokes, Drexal Flowers, James Jackson, Luke St John, $malls$, Vance Homme, Young Gage and Armed Rhymery. The evening will be kicked off with spoken word by Toi Sibley Jackson also known as Toi the Poetic Beauty.
This event will feature a variety of styles, which “like the state of Louisiana, reflect the diversity of sound as well as the reality of life in the south.” According to event creators Michael Walker and Becky Bond, the program was specifically designed as an avenue advocating the arts and local artists with a focus toward uplifting the local community, providing for positive economic, social and educational impacts.
“In our opinion the local music scene had limited options,” said Walker. “And I don’t mean people weren’t doing things, I mean that you had to literally go out every night and to multiple places to hear a few groups here and there that weren’t cover bands; no disrespect to that – because lots of talented people get hired but are hired JUST to do covers or get tipped better on covers. We felt like it’s more fun to give people access to multiple performers in one evening, make it fun, grow the community, give these people a chance to play their stuff because it’s good.”
The inspiration for the event came from collaborating with the creators of the bando.
“We dig their events,” said Walker. “We have talked about the positive vibes and the good, collective energy the two crowds which attend our respective events bring, and we thought it would be a good mix.”
“I’ve always wanted to do a Huge underground Hip Hop show in Baton Rouge,” said Pat Harrington, co-creator of the bando. “I did a show similar (2/4) to this one in 2013 at The Library at Northgate. I had about nine artists on that show. I felt like it was time to do another show like that but bigger. So I am collaborating with Corporate Slave Productions to make that happen.”
Harrington says people will be hard pressed not to enjoy the show due to the amount of talent that will be performing.
“The lineup is crazy,” Harrington said. “If you love music, you should come, point blank.”
“There is truly so much amazing talent in the area and we are blessed with so many contacts from talented people every day it’s a struggle to try to keep up and not miss anyone,” said Bond. “We want to make sure everyone gets their voice heard.”
The range of talent varies from seasoned pros to new, fresh faces such as the group COOLR, who were inspired to participate from the vibe of the underground event.
“We feel like our style of music is perfect for the scene,” said PR0&Skyy of COOLR. “Our hopes for the event is just to have the place jumping, and the crowd pumped the entire time. Get them involved. When they leave the show we want them to say, ‘Man we have to see COOLR perform again they were dope.’ Having that effect on people would be a great outlook on us, and we crave for that.”
Artists such as Made Groceries and Young Gage are also excited to be a part of the event from being featured performers in the past.
“I’m inspired to be a part of this event because of the platform it’s created for artists like myself to shine and broadcast our talents,” said Gage. “It’s an honor to be a part of this event and alongside so many talented acts.”
“We have a lot of experience with the creators of this event, and the show & turnout is always amazing, we plan on building with them for as long as possible,” said LandLord, Mauley Sincyr, OeauxNeal of Made Groceries. “It shows all the undiscovered styles of music in a place where they have a reputation built on a consistent sound. this approach invites new audiences and introduces fans of one artist to a plethora of other talents in the local scene.”


For more information, visit the Facebook event here.


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