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By Jonathan Olivier

“It’s been fantastic. We’ve been able to see so much of this country we haven’t seen before.”

World travelers Brian Patton and Kim Dinan stopped off to talk outdoor adventure with guests at Pack and Paddle in Lafayette on Thursday, Oct. 9, as a part of the Get Out More Tour, presented by Backpacker Magazine.

Since the beginning of 2014, Dinan and Patton have been sharing their love of the outdoors and telling tales of their global adventures as hosts of the 14th annual tour, a nationwide trek to various outdoor retailers.

The duo gets a chance to educate participants on various outdoor-based topics often covered in the pages of Backpacker.

“In our presentation, we go over the 10 essentials of backpacking,” Patton said. “We cover the latest and greatest gear out there…at the end of each presentation, we have a gear giveaway.”

The 10 essentials, crucial to any backpacker spending prolonged time on the trail, are simple, yet important focuses such as first aid, fire, shelter and insulation, among others.

The presentation goal is obvious: to inspire people to get out more, Patton said, adding that tales of his and Dinan’s adventure and travel around the world are hopefully working to do exactly that.

The pair have spent the majority of the past two years on their own terms—without full-time jobs, a home or any of the modern conveniences many have come to rely on—and they couldn’t be happier.

In 2012, after a few years of careful planning, they hit the road, leaving their Portland, Ore. home in search of a more fulfilling life.

“Kim had a lifelong goal of being a writer,” Patton said, “and a lot of the goal was to travel and have her write about all of the experiences we have.”

Patton and Dinan found solace on the hiking trails of the world, and their goal of a renewed life was embodied in the experiences they were creating. Their pursuits took them to more than 20 countries with astounding sights like the towering peaks of Nepal and remote areas of India, Patagonia and Peru.

In that time, Dinan was able to indeed fulfill her goal of becoming a writer by publishing her account on achieving and following one’s dreams, Life on Fire: A Step-By-Step Guide To Living Your Dreams, and writing about her and Patton’s latest adventures on her blog, so-many-places.com.

Though the pair has an impressive résumé of travel under their belts, Louisiana was an area they hadn’t crossed off the list before Thursday. Patton said they were both looking forward to Cajun food and touring some of the state’s unique swamps from kayaks.

“It’s been fantastic,” Patton said of the tour. “We’ve been able to see so much of this country we haven’t seen before.”

Patton said after the cross-country tour comes to an end, he and Dinan are taking a break in Mexico to regroup and figure out the next step.

“We’re going to hang out on the beach and take a deep breath and get some more work done,” he said.


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