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$pring cleaning: Turn your old trends into cash

The official beginning of spring is next weekend and if you’re like most students, it’s time to do a little spring-cleaning.  Spring-cleaning is never a fun task, but it’s a must if you plan on keeping your life organized and free of clutter.  But what if there was a way to do this dreaded task and make some cash while doing it?  Well, the good news is there are tons of ways to make a profit by getting rid of your threads and turning them into cold, hard cash. This is the perfect way to get a little extra spending money for your spring break adventure.

Sell To Those Closest To You

You know that cool shirt that your friend is always asking to borrow?  Well, if it’s one of the pieces that you are thinking about letting go, offer to sell it to your friend instead.  Give them the family and friend’s discount, but by all means make your coins!  Take photos of all of the items you know your friends will love and send a mass text explaining that you’re getting rid of these great pieces at a very affordable price.  This is one of the easiest ways to get rid of your old clothes in no time.

Sell With The Click Of A Button

The great thing about technology is you can do most things from the palm of your hand and the comfort of your home.  Here are some of the best  sites and apps when for making money in exchange for your old trends.


This app has become one of the most popular ways to sell items to locals with little effort.  Simply sign up for an account – you can easily do that by linking your Facebook account. Next, take a picture of the clothes you would like to sell. Finally, list a price.  In little time, you will begin getting messages from nearby Letgoers inquiring about your trendy fashions!  Just be careful not to spend the money you make on the app.


Another app to consider is Twice.  Much like Letgo, this app allows users to sell clothes.  This site is only for women’s clothing, but unlike Letgo, this app allows users from all over to discover your cool style.  The app is completely free and requires a username.


Poshmark.com (or the app) is the perfect place to sell your clothes.  More of an upscale site, Poshmark is easy to sign up for, free to use and offers more options for people to buy outside of your community.  The site allows people from all over the nation to view, inquire and buy your hot threads. You’ll have to do a little work – if you call simply taking a photo of your items and giving them a price much work.  We suggest you use this site and app for accessory selling.  While the app has tons of clothes, accessories like purses and jewelry sell best on Poshmark.

Sell Using A Retailer

One of the most practical options for selling your used, but fashionable clothing, is taking it to a local consignment shop.  The great thing about consignment shops is you don’t personally sell your clothes, but simply take them to the retailer and pay a small fee (in some cases).  It’s worth it because some retailers give you cash on the spot.


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