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Q&A: Baseball, Joe Alleva and more

You people really need to make up your minds.

Sometimes, the LSU baseball team is good, according to you guys and other times, they’re garbage.

Sometimes, mid-week games matter (usually when LSU wins ‘em) and other times, they mean nothing.

I’m so confused, though still excited to raise everyone’s spirits in this week’s Q&A.

In it, you guys asked about baseball (mostly), Joe Alleva, Coach O and a lot of non-LSU things.

Q: Why can’t the LSU baseball team consistently win these mid-week games against bad competition? (Asked by Curole, Galliano)

A: Because they’re not that type of dominant club that can just show up to the park and be victorious – just by taking the field. The Tigers aren’t all that impressive. Like seriously – outside of defense – what are two other things the team does at a truly elite level? Starting pitching? Bleh. Relief pitching? Absolutely not. Hitting for power? Only one guy on the team does it well. Timely hitting? I just vomited a little in my mouth. When you have that many holes, often water will find them, and especially in these midweek games when the top arms aren’t pitching, LSU is vulnerable.

Q: National seed … or nah? (Asked by Griff Dog, New Orleans)

A: Nah. Why would LSU be a national seed? They’re not winning the SEC right now and they have losses to the following teams: UNO (twice), Tulane (twice), McNeese State and now South Alabama. That’s hardly stuff from which legends are made. The Tigers could still earn the spot if they finish unbelievably well. But for all of the reasons I said in the last question, that’s unlikely. Teams which don’t do anything great usually don’t win consistently … especially not at a championship level.

Q: What are your thoughts on Mainieri’s All-Staff plan? (Asked by The Standout, Atlanta)

A: An Atlanta Tiger? That’s rare. But thank you for making the choice to write me today – it’s much appreciated. On All-Staff, I don’t like it. I think it’s a cheap way to do business and I think it hurts the team’s future because no one is developing nor getting experience to start games in the future. LSU hasn’t had a quality third or fourth started in a half-decade. I’ve written countless columns about how it’s so frustrating watching the Tigers be eliminated from the postseason the same way literally every, single year – because they run out of pitching. I get it – 99 percent out of 100 LSU beat reporters are fans of the team, so folks have been so slow to question anything about the program. But this past season has slowly brought a few stragglers over to my side to ask some questions about what the heck is going on in recruiting.

Q: Joe Alleva says he wants to shrink the PMAC seating capacity. Do you agree? (Asked by David V., Metairie)

A: Shrink the PMAC’s seating capacity? Not only do I disagree, I don’t know what the hell he’s talking about, either. Real life isn’t a video game. You can’t just type in a desired seating capacity and have it magically appear. Outside of some small tweaks to add maybe some luxury seating areas and other things, not much can drastically be done to the current structure without spending lots and lots of money. What Alleva should focus more on is using some of that “lots and lots of money” on actually funding the basketball programs, because guess what? If/when they win games, all those empty seats will be sold. Just ask gymnastics. They don’t need a smaller arena. Know why? It’s because they sell the place out. The SEC has a facilities fetish. The entire league is at a constant arm’s race to have the latest and best of everything. Know what teams don’t do? Yeah, they don’t shrink what’s already in place.

Q: Over or under 10.5 sacks for Arden Key this fall? (Asked by Mott, Gonzales)

A: Gosh, this is so hard! If he plays, stays healthy and is focused, it’s easy. He goes over. But how does one confidently bet on a guy who didn’t practice in the spring because of “personal issues” and who likely will be doing some Fournette-level sandbagging during the season to protect his body before the NFL Draft? I say under, though it won’t be by much. I give him 9 sacks.

Q: Will LSU baseball win the series this weekend against Auburn? (Asked by Scott S., Baton Rouge)

A: I think so, but I wouldn’t bet my house on it. Auburn just got swept by Alabama. That’s not exactly a glowing endorsement.

Q: Coach O says you can lose weight eating gumbo without rice. Shouldn’t that be considered cruel and unusual punishment? (Asked by Rose, LaPlace)

A: I don’t know, Ms. Rose. Maybe I’m in the minority here, but I’m not much of a rice guy. To me, it’s just something we put in our bowl to take up space so that we have enough roux for everyone. If given the chance to eat just the sauce and tons and tons of the meat inside a gumbo, I’d take that over rice and be more than content.

OK, now for some non-LSU questions.

Q: Who’s the best local wrassler you’ve seen lately? (Asked by Rock, Cut Off)

A: What’s funny is that by typing “wrassler” and not “wrestler”, I automatically knew that you meant Indy wrestling, which is among my favorite genres of the sport. Locally, we have some good ones, though the top dog is probably Luke Hawx. He’s been in the WWE before and is training some gems down there in New Orleans.

Q: I’ve been busy studying for a big math test. What’s the best way to watch sports on delay without getting spoilers? (Asked by Keagan, Boutte)

A: It depends – how big of a fan are you? If you’re just a casual fan, then the easiest way is to just DVR the game and then zone out of social media. But yeah, that wouldn’t work for me and other die-hards. Between text messages from my friends, push notifications on my phone and other traps, it’s tough and I honestly don’t know the answer. Good luck on the math test, bud. Math tests give me a big headache.

Q: Your thoughts on Lavar Ball? (Asked by ChiassonDad)

A: I think he’s costing his son a lot of money. This BornBallerBrand is one thing – if only used to make T-shirts and other apparel. But to take it so far to the point now where the Ball children are toxic to Nike, Adidas and Under Armour, is just stupid. We all know that guy who used to be an athlete, but now isn’t, but yet can’t get out of that mentality – the type of guy who always wants to talk about his senior football season? That’s Lavar Ball. He can’t handle that this isn’t about him, so he’s doing his best to stay relevant.

Q: You’re a youth sports coach. What are the best and worst things about it? (Asked by Louie G.)

A: The best part is obvious: the kids. There’s nothing better in the world than watching kids get better at something that they care about. That moment when a child finally “gets it” after struggling with something, is priceless. On the flip-side, the worst parts are two-fold. The parents are bad and usually don’t understand that these types of things are for DEVELOPMENT and not necessarily for wins or losses. Likewise, the lack of quality volunteers is also a turn-off. I’ve been to some Biddy Tournaments and some AAU gyms where the children on my team had more quality decision-making traits than those running the events. That turns away a lot of quality people, which is a shame – the bad ruin it for the masses.


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