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Rainbows, baking and microblading, oh my: Social media makes three new makeup trends popular

So what do rainbows, baking and microblading have to do with each other? They’re actually the newest trends that are blowing up on beauty aficionados’ Instagrams and YouTube channels. DIG breaks down these trends and whether or not they’re worth checking out.

Rainbow Highlighter

Rainbow highlighter is about to be the newest beauty obsession. Beauty company Bitter Lace Beauty created a shimmery palette that brightens up one’s face that would put Roy G. Biv to shame. Originally, the palette was a limited edition item for St. Patrick’s Day, but the sheer buzz about the color had them add it to their permanent lineup.

Traditionally, highlighter is used on the bridge of the nose or just above the cheekbones and forehead to pull features forward, but people are putting this shimmering color everywhere from shoulders to cleavage. We’ve seen rainbow products before, but this is truly a unique item. The palette includes pink, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple stripes that blend rather seamlessly for a lovely sheen. There’s also extremely fine bits of glitter giving your skin a subtle glow.


Eyebrow grooming in 2016 pretty much encompasses the body-modification spectrum. People pencil them in, tint them, heck, even tattoo them. But it’s not always the most natural-looking option. In comes the super-precise microblading technique.

The main allure to this technique is that you’re relying on a manual pen-like tool that has 11 tiny needles (yikes) to fill in individual lines of pigment, giving a subtle look that lasts one to three years. Many people return to fill in gaps or add a second color for dimension after a month.

I’m not sure this is the most ideal technique for people to try at home as images of botched leg waxings fill my head. However, it’s not cheap to have done by a professional as it can cost up to $900 for one session. While the option to have natural looking brows is nice, I think I’ll pass on this one and just grab the nearest eye pencil.


Baking has taken YouTube and Instagram by storm. No, we’re not talking about baking that involves making cookies (or altered states of mind for that matter). It’s a makeup technique that originated in the drag community, by utilizing heavy concealer and powder. The concealer helps to “bake” the powder while it sits atop areas you plan on highlighting by being warmed by your body heat. After waiting ten minutes, you dust off the powder for essentially a poreless, matte complexion.

Sounds simple enough. However, this technique should come with a warning label. This isn’t for people who enjoy “light” makeup looks as this involves caking on several layers of concealer and powder to achieve the matte effect. Not only that but depending on the person it can also accentuate features such as fine lines and wrinkles.


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