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Red Stick Social Shows What’s in Store, Ahead of Grand Opening

It is almost time for the Red Stick Social to finally open it’s doors for the public! Last night, I attended one of their soft openings, that gave everyone, in attendance, a taste of what’s in store for them.

It’s absolutely impressive what they’ve done in renovating the old Energy building. Living close to Government Street almost all my life, this abandoned brick monolith has always remained a mystery as to why it has been in such a decrepit state for so long. However, if it were to be given to the right hands, it could serve a lot of potential. That’s where Red Stick Social comes in.

They have converted the building to serve as a gathering for all of Greater Baton Rouge to take part in live music, great drinks and food, and a whole lot of bowling!

And by whole lot of bowling, that’s no exaggeration – there’s two floors of lanes! Even the friendly staff who kept the place running smoothly last night, wear Red Stick Social bowling shirts.

It’s more than just bowling though. The first floor hosts the main stage, where bands can perform every Thursday, Friday and Saturday, offering another much needed venue in the Greater Baton Rouge Area. The music rises to each floor which means you can get a great view and not loose the overall sound.

One of my favorite parts, of the experience, was being able to socialize on their comfortable fifth floor balcony (which sits conveniently next to their 3rd bar and second set of bowling lanes). It’s an amazing feeling looking over Government Street and realizing that you are finally on the highest floor in that abandoned building you’ve known about your entire time in Baton Rouge! I’m told this floor will serve as a VIP section once opened, but if given the chance you should definitely check the view!

They offered a sampling of what’s in store from their gigantic menu; sliders, gumbo, nachos, wings, ribs, meat pies and some sweets. The one that really sold it for me, was their chicken and waffle bites, which had a small drizzle of syrup to give it the perfect amount of sweet. As mentioned before, there are three bars, all offering top shelf liquor and beers on tap including Louisiana favorites, Gnarly Barley and Tin Roof.

View of the first floor bar which sits across from the music stage

If you are looking to do something different in the city, or are in need of a new social hot spot, then Red Stick Social’s ambitious project has shown that this is certainly easy to accomplish! The official opening will go down this Monday, so you can come out and finally see what all the buzz is about.


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