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Refreshing Waters

By Rande Archer


Originally released in 1992 in limited numbers, Roger Waters’ album Amused to Death is returning from the dark side of the moon for an updated rerelease on multiple formats. To celebrate this, Capital City Records is hosting a listening party this upcoming Tuesday on July 28 at their store at 4641 Perkins Road to bring together Pink Floyd and Roger Waters fans alike.

Hosted in cooperation with Jeffery Roland of Audio Philosophy LLC, who will be playing the new release with high-quality audio equipment, store goers will be able to enjoy what’s in store for them with this rerelease.

“It’s great because the vinyl issue and CD issue alone have been remixed from the master tapes and such,” said Capital City Records owner Dana Labat. “The vinyl is being pressed by Analog Productions, who are a high-quality vinyl reissue company kind of like Mobile Fidelity, who are in the same league. Everything is kind of on the upscale if you will. I know I am excited just to hear the difference, to hear the audio experience of it.”

Best known for his work with Pink Floyd, Waters has toured since his departure from his former band in 1985 and disbandment of Pink Floyd in 1986. He has since then been on his own performing iconic shows such as The Wall tour. Having only released three studio albums and two live albums, Amused to Death is his most recent studio album. When first released, sales of the album reached one million, but there wasn’t sufficient interest for a tour. Labat, who is a fan of both Pink Floyd and Waters, has been long expecting this rerelease.

“I’m a huge Roger Waters fan, one of my all-time favorites,” said Labat. “I’ve looked forward to this reissue because it came out in ’92 but very limited on vinyl during the CD phase so I wish I got a copy of that. But it was a very limited run on vinyl back in the day, so this has been a long time coming.”

Due to the rarity of these original records, they fetch a high price on the market today. With this re-release, music lovers of all types will have a chance again to own this Roger Waters classic which critics and Waters himself considers a critical companion to Pink Floyds hit albums The Dark Side of the Moon and The Wall.

“I get a lot of customers coming in that are looking forward to it who are Pink Floyd fans and Roger Waters fans,” said Labat. “It’s one of those things that is very hard and expensive to find on vinyl so if you’re a collector and you’re looking for that title on vinyl it’s just one of those that are ridiculously hard to get. They get upwards to six to eight hundred dollars if you can find a copy on eBay or somewhere that has one for sale. So naturally you get a quality or even better quality reissue finally after all of these years after its initial release. It’s pretty nice for the audiophiles and all those people who want to get it on vinyl again. We’re pretty excited. We’re all excited about having the listening party and having fun at that.”

According to Labat, Capital City records will be getting copies of the vinyl, the picture disk, the CD, and the Super Audio CD in time for the listening party.

“It should be a fun little party with free refreshments or if you want to bring something to drink you can,” said Labat. “We’re just going to have a fun time, talk a little Roger Waters and listening to some music.”


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