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Reginelli’s brings a slice of Detroit to Baton Rouge with its newest pizza

Reginelli’s expanded their pizza menu in September to bring a new style of pie to Baton Rouge, and it goes at the top of our list for the new year. Detroit-style is the ultimate pizza for crispy cheese lovers, and Reginelli’s got it right.

Because Detroit pizza is baked in a sheet pan, the slices are different than your typical pizza—these slices come in squares. The outside of the pan is lined with cheese so the edges are lined with an extra crispy layer of cooked cheese. The bread is similar to focaccia, so it’s buttery, thick and crunchy. The sauce sits on top of the cheese, then it gets layered with crispy, curled up pepperoni (as they should be!). Reginelli’s adds a layer of bourbon honey underneath for a touch a sweetness, a special blend of cheese and their traditional marinara. 

They even ship the specialty brick cheese in from Wisconsin.

You can get Detroit-style pizza with cheese, pepperoni or pepperoni and sausage. For lunch, you can get two slices, or a slice and a side salad for $10. You can also get the whole pizza for $22, or the version with Ezzo’s sausage for $26. 

Swing by Reginalli’s at 684 Jefferson Hwy. Detroit-style slices are limited each day, so go early. 

Have you tried the Detroit-style pizza yet? Let us know what you think!


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