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Resolution check-up: Getting your goals back on track

We’re halfway through February, which means that most of us have forgotten about those resolutions, plans, and goals we set for ourselves about a month and a half ago. Whether you wanted to lose a bunch of weight, get a date with that special someone, or find a new job, most of us, especially with Mardi Gras having just passed, stumbled and tripped our way through the year thus far.

But, that’s doesn’t mean that your plans are kaput. You’ve still got more than enough time to get back on track and make 2016 the year to remember. These are a few ways you can correct your course if the winds have blown your ship off track.

Write it Down

One of the easiest ways to get started on your goals is to write them down. Studies have shown that the connection between the act of writing and achieving what you want are much greater than simply leaving your goals in your mind.

Attach small steps to your goals to make them more manageable. “Read a 500 page novel” sounds much scarier than “read 15 pages a night.” Same thing goes for weight loss ¬— 5 pounds a month is much more manageable than 30 pounds this year.

Reward met Goals

For an extra boost, promise yourself a gift that will keep you on the right track when you reach a goal. If weight loss is your thing, after hitting your first goal, buy a shirt and pair of jeans that you won’t fit into unless you meet your next one. If you want to read a long book, get the DVD when you reach halfway and don’t watch it until you’ve finished. Being the “the book is so much better” guy isn’t cool, but noticing differences between the text, the film, and your own interpretations makes watching movies so much more enjoyable.

Tell your Friends

Accountability goes a long way in achieving your goals. If you want to stick to it, tell a few friends and family members about your goals and have them keep you honest. Their constant nagging is bound to make you work, so let your most annoying cousins know about it so you can use their terrible personality to your advantage.

Make a Financial Commitment

If you’re the kind of person who thinks not getting your money’s worth is a crime against humanity, this is the one for you. Spend a little more than you should on something to encourage you to work at your goals. Is your resolution to learn an instrument? Head to Guitar Center and pick one out that would make Jack White proud. Having it in your house will make you want to master it.

If you’re looking good on your goals, you can use these suggestions to keep the fire in your belly hot. If you aren’t, maybe one of these tips will be enough to push you over the edge. The important thing to remember is that no one system is right for everyone. Take your own ideas and implement them with these; make it your own because that’s whom these resolutions are for.


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