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Restaurant Week Menu Sampling: $25

By Nick BeJeaux

Rock-n-Sake Bar & Sushi is known for thinking outside the bento box when it comes to their menu, so it comes as no surprise that their offerings for Restaurant Week are pretty far out.

Many of their items this year are wonderfully simple, like the pork belly lettuce wraps, the ribeye teriyaki, or the yakisoba—tried and true dishes that don’t require much creativity to be amazing. Others are more adventurous, like the spicy hamachi, the Caribbean seafood salad, and the sushi deviled eggs. But it’s the awe-inspiring Purple Power Roll that adds a wow-factor to an already stacked menu.

When you see it, you will understand why it’s called the Purple Power Roll. It’s a roll of salmon and spicy crab, served in nine pieces, wrapped in purple rice (also known as black rice and is insanely healthy) topped with avocado and mango slices. Alongside the wasabi and gari is a bowl of a sweet mayo sauce with a dash of Sriracha.

The creamy spiciness of the dipping sauce goes perfectly with the sweetness of the mango, fish and rice. The avocado, combined with the mango and Sriracha, evokes a flavor profile reminiscent of Yucatan Mexican cuisine: sweet, spicy and smooth. Wasabi is for many people off-putting—hardly anyone but the die-hard sushi fans even touch it. However, on this roll having just a touch of wasabi, without the dipping sauce, really helps that mango hit your palate. However, my favorite part of the roll, by far, was the fish.

Most sushi places use incredibly fresh fish, but the secret to making incredibly delicious sushi is to use, well, less than incredibly fresh fish (which tastes like nothing). You can actually taste the salmon, and for all of you who like fish that doesn’t taste like fish, chill out—this roll is delicious. The flavor of the salmon, like the other elements of the roll, blend together to make a dish that is greater than the sum of its parts.


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