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Riff Rock

By Claire Salinas

After a two year recording hiatus Jason Martin is re-launching himself into the music world on Saturday, with a heavier sound.

After moving to Nashville to expand his sound and then moving back to Baton Rouge, Martin is ready to showcase his new material – an EP entitled Welcome Home – that has what he calls a “riff rock” vibe.

Martin explained what drove to make the move to The Songwriting Capital of the World.

“It’s been like two years since I released anything, the last thing that came out was back in June 2012.  I moved to Nashville and then I moved back to Baton Rouge in 2012. I lived there for a year and I was trying to change up my tune a little bit.”

For Martin, being in Nashville surrounded by professional musicians making a living off their music was incredibly inspiring, so much so that he now considers Nashville a second home.

“Nashville is a little bit more progressive as far as accepting the idea of being a full-time musician, and for me this is the only thing I’m good at.  I also have a lot of friends over there who all do the same thing I do.”

Martin explained that although moving to Nashville was a nice change, returning to Baton Rouge was what really inspired his shift to a heavier sound in his music.

“I like playing Led Zeppelin and all that riff rock stuff. In Nashville I was in the singer-songwriter kind of theme. When I came back it’s kind of been a dark couple years. I wanted to write my own tunes that were a little heavier.”

Martin said the biggestc hallenge that come with creating heavier sounding music is lyrical.

“I took myself out of my comfort zone by writing music I like to play, but that it’s hard to write lyrics for.  My sound is a little bit heavier now.”

Stepping out of his comfort zone meant making adjustments. For Martin, the change in his music meant a change in mindset during the recording process.

“I’m used to sitting down with an acoustic and writing singer-songwriter type stuff. I have to get in my mind that this is going to be a rock song and not just acoustic.

“When I sit down in my room with my electric guitar and my guitar amp there’s something a little different that comes from an electric guitar then when you are playing with an acoustic.”

Martin’s new sound doesn’t change his goal for what he wants the music he writes to do: entertain his audience.

“When I go see rock bands I want to be entertained in a way. Most people I know want to dance, have a good time and rock out at a rock show.”

Martin won’t be limiting his music to the Baton Rouge crowd, though. After an EP release party at The Spanish Moon on Saturday, he will be testing out his new sound on crowds across the country.

“We’ll be going to North Carolina and Nashville for CD release parties. We’re hoping to set up a little tour, and we have a couple dates here and there. We’re also planning to put another EP out next year.”

For his CD release party Saturday, Martin will be teaming up with The Widowers and The Hitchhikers to put on what a show that will be one big party.

“It’s going be really kick-ass. The Widowers are awesome. It’s going to be a straight up rock and roll show, and everyone is going to be drinking and having a good old time. It’s basically just going to be party with us playing our music.”



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