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Roommate Feuds

By Rickey Miller & Ashlyn Bruni

Roommate Feuding is probably one of the biggest nightmares you can ever experience. Not only can it make things awkward, but feuding with your roommate can damage your relationship and in some cases turn violent. Here’s a list of the most common roommate issues and how you should deal with them.

1. The Messy Roommate – There’s nothing worse than dealing with a messy roommate, especially when it comes to the kitchen! Dirty dishes seems to be one of the biggest causes of roommate feuds. How do you deal with roommates who do not clean up after themselves?

What you want to do: The easy thing would just be to leave them there until the roommate cleans it, but this plan may backfire if they wait until there are bugs and gnats flying around to clean up.
What you should do:  Have a conversation with your roommate about their messy habit and explain to them how it affects you. It’s also not a bad idea to buy paper plates and plastic utensils with your roommate.
2. The Irresponsible Roommate – “Your electricity has been disconnected due to failure to pay.” This is the last thing you want to hear when calling Entergy to find out why your lights won’t work. Although you’ve probably paid your part of the electricity bill, your roommate’s lack of responsibility has inconvenienced you once again.

What you want to do:  Get violent and scream to the top of your lungs because you can’t stay in a house without lights!
What you should do:  Buy a dry erase calendar, post it in the kitchen, and write down all the bills that are due for the month. Also, try sending a reminder to your roommate about due dates.
3. The “Other” Roommate –  One of the annoying situations to deal with is having that “extra roommate” who doesn’t pay rent or contribute to cleaning, yet seems to be at your home more than you are. Yup, we’re talking about your roommate’s boyfriend or girlfriend.

What you want to do:  Tell your roommate to go to their boyfriend/girlfriend’s home sometime!
What you should do: Have a conversation with your roommate about your concerns. This is the only way to fix this issue, but make sure you do it soon before it’s too far gone.

4. The Clingy Roommate –  When you first move in together, you think it will be exciting to have your best friend with you all the time. But soon your friendship with your roommate has turned into a suffocating relationship filled with texts like “Who are you with?” and “When are you coming home?” When cutting the cord, avoid being overly brutal. Remember, you still have to live with this person.

What you want to do: Just scream “Leave me alone! We’re over!” and run away to live alone forever.
What you should do: Suggest things for your roommate to do that don’t involve you. Once your roommate realizes that he/she is capable of having fun without you, the clinginess should slack off.

5. The Kleptomaniac –What’s mine is yours right? Wrong! We were taught growing up that sharing is caring, but sometimes it can get a little out of hand between roommates. Taking a bottle of water or a roll of toilet paper here and there isn’t a big deal as long as you know when to draw the line.

What you want to do: Ransack through his/her things until you get all of your stuff back.
What you should do: Next time you want to borrow something from your roommate, ask nicely. Then politely say that you don’t mind if he/she borrows your things after asking your permission.

6. The Inappropriate Roommate – Many people think that living together means no boundaries, but that can cause some major problems. Your roommate can either diffuse an awkward situation or create one. The inappropriate roommate usually creates it, and then throws gasoline on the fire. It is your responsibility to learn the proper way to put it out.

What you want to do: Lock your roommate up when in a delicate situation.
What you should do: Warn people about your roommate, and tell your roommate that his/her actions make you uncomfortable.


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