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Rubins flub, homeless jackpot, dog rescue in Sochi

Sam Rubin mistakes Jackson for Fishburne, hilarity ensues

On live television, KTLA Entertainment anchor Sam Rubin mistook Samuel L. Jackson for Laurence Fishburne. Apparently, Jackson appeared on KTLA via satellite from Atlanta to promote “RoboCop” and Rubin blissfully asked him about his Super Bowl commercial.  What Rubin was referring to was Fishburne’s featured spot for Kia. Jackson proceeded to unload on Rubin in the high-volume way we all know and love, though his tone was lighthearted…sort of. “We don’t all look alike! I’m the other guy! …There’s more than one black guy doing commercials! I’m the ‘what’s in your wallet’ black guy! And Morgan Freeman is the other credit card black guy.” The entire segment is now on youtube.

California man loans house to homeless family for a year

When it comes to random acts of kindness, Tony Tolbert, a lecturer at UCLA, has set the bar high. Forget donating spare change or forking over leftovers, this guy gave up his house to a homeless family for an entire YEAR. At age 51, Tolbert moved back in with his mother and rented his three-bedroom, fully-furnished home to Felicia Dukes, a mother of four, for $1 a month, according to the Huffington Post. Dukes explained that she fell behind on her bills after giving birth to her daughter. Shelters refused to take in her eldest son, Kima, because he exceeded their age limit on male residents. Tolbert said he chose the Dukes family for this generous act to keep the family from being split apart.


Dog lover rescues Sochi strays from extermination

Russia’s government earned the ire of dog lovers everywhere when it was revealed that an extermination company had been hired to “take stray dogs off the streets.” The Olympic Committee insists that the dogs are only being relocated, but that didn’t stop several online petitions endeavoring to “stop the exterminations”.  Enter 41-year-old Igor Ayrapetyan, who is looking to make good on the OC’s claims.  Ayrapetyan has packed 11 dogs into his SUV so far, and driven them over 1,000 miles back to his hometown Moscow, where they will be safe. Ayrapetyan maintains a Facebook page documenting his trips and providing updates on the dogs he rescues.



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