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Saying Goodbye

By Rickey Miller

On Friday, Dec. 18, many LSU students will be making their parents and love ones smile as they receive their long-awaited degrees. While many dream of this day, some students find the idea of actually leaving the comfort of their norm to get a taste of the real workforce just a little intimidating. Finding the RIGHT job, paying your expenses, not being able to go out because you’re an adult, yea, we know, it sounds terrible. However, it’s time to face to music and say goodbye to the school that has given you all of the wonderful memories, has brought so many great friends in your life and has introduced you to some of the worst hangovers that you will ever have in your life.

So let’s reflect on your LSU experience!


The 5 most important, non-scholastic things you learned while at LSU


How to wake up 20 minutes before class and still make it in time for your quiz.

Yea, those long nights of free drinks can leave you hitting snooze at least 10 times before you decide to be human and get out of bed.


How to successfully barhop to every bar in Tigerland.

It may have taken four years, but you’re now an expert Tigerland bar hopper and chances are you know at least three bartenders from each bar.


How to successfully use noteswap.com.

Let’s face it – without it, you probably wouldn’t have ever made it this far.


How to find all the drink deals for every day of the week.

We’d like to think we had a little something to do with that. And if you’re still struggling, check out Bar Tab on our online site – www.DigBatonRouge.com


How to manage your finances.

As in, how can I scheme my parents into giving me more money to spend on things I don’t need.


While comical, these things have and will all shape the person you become. Your non-scholastic and scholastic knowledge will go far beyond your college career.


From the Mouths of Tigers

We decided to catch up with a few soon-to-be graduates and find out their feelings on marking another milestone in their life and the experience they have had since making the decision to become a Tiger.

Thomas Carter, 22-years-old marketing major, says he is excited to finally become an LSU alumni.

“I would describe my experience as challenging and worth every penny,” he said. He continues by adding, “I am thankful for the friends and connections I’ve been able to make here.”

Carter says he hopes to find a job as an entry-level marketing associate or become a professional salesperson.

When asked if he has any regrets Carter responds, “I regret spending so much time worrying about my grades knowing there were more important to do.”

We also caught up with another LSU marketing major, who is soon to walk the stage. Chris Sutton, 23-years-old says his experience at LSU has also been one he will always remember.

“I’ve made new friends and learned things that will benefit me for the rest of my life.”

However, he says – “The only thing I regret about college is not putting forth the full effort I was capable of in my studies, other than that I’ve loved my experience.”

Sutton says after he graduates he would like to pursue a profession in sales, or take some time off to travel.


Looking into the future…

There will never be another time in your life such as your college years; however, being a graduate, especially a Tiger graduate, is one of the best accomplishments you can achieve. So, because DIG is always here to help and wants you to succeed, we decided to leave you with some final recommendations.


When it comes to employment…

Now that you’re looking for a REAL job go through your Facebook, Instagram and other social media to delete inappropriate photos and public messages. You’d be surprised at how many employers look at your social media before hiring you.

Make sure you make an awesome resume and cover letter for all of your interviews. And if you’re confused about how to do so or want to still use your perks of being a tiger to your advantage – the LSU Online Career Center is available to graduates up until six months after graduation.

Don’t be afraid to get out there. Even if you think you aren’t qualified, apply for those jobs you think fit you!


When it comes to life…

Have fun – don’t become so serious that you lose yourself.

Focus on you! This is the time to focus on yourself. Don’t stress about not having that perfect life you always thought you’d have. So what you’re not married or engaged like you thought. Enjoy being single and making money!

Never forget your LSU traditions and the people you’ve met! They will be your life-long friends, who understand where you’ve come from.


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