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Seal besties, Ellen tips big, Travolta goofs

WINNER: National Geographic photographer befriends leopard seal

*SPOILERS: This story includes a lot of dead penguins. You have been warned.*

A photographer from National Geographic was on assignment in Antarctica to document on of the continent’s fiercest predators: the leopard seal. If you’ve never seen one of these seals, they’re impossibly cute – until they open their mouths to reveal really big and really sharp teeth.

The photographer entered the freezing water in a wet suit with his underwater camera to track one of the cuddly predators. As soon as the bubbles cleared, he was face to face with a very large female leopard seal with a dead penguin in it’s mouth. she dropped the penguin and then began to play with the photographer. Then the seal tried to feed him penguins – a lot of them. Apparently it was afraid the photographer was starving and it kept bringing him penguins for four days. It’s terrible so many penguins had to die, but how badass is it that you have a BFF in a leopard seal?

WINNER: Oscars Pizza Delivery Guy gets $1000 tip

Pizza delivery guy Edgar Martirosyan got the surprise of his life when quirky Ellen DeGenres led him on to the stage of the 86th Academy Awards. Martirosyan got a call to deliver 20 pizzas to the Dolby Theatre from the show’s writers and he said that it wasn’t a pre planned stunt or bit – he was just as surprised as Meryl Streep, Jennifer Lawrence and his favorite actress Julia Roberts that he would be gracing the stage with Ellen. Martirosyan left the theatre without a tip, but his patience was rewarded on monday when Ellen invited him onto her show, where she gave him a $1000 tip. Ellen said she gathered $600 from the audience (using Pharrel’s hat) and put up $400 of her own.

LOSER: John Travolta goofs at Oscars

Let’s start by saying that John Travolta is amazing, versatile and talented – now let’s unabashedly make fun of him. How the hell can you not correctly pronounce Idina Menzel’s name? Adele Dazim? Really? Travolta botched the “Frozen” star’s Oscar introduction, and the consequences of such a mistake have been… extensive. It sparked a loving, but intense twitter storm and even it’s own parody account. That account has since been suspended but no doubt it was hilarious.


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