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She’s About to Pop

By Cody Worsham

Asked about her recipe for comedy, local funnywoman Tiffany Dickerson bursts into laughter.

Her preferred method of cooking – and comedy – is spontaneity.

“I can’t follow a recipe to save my life,” she said, chuckles stifled. “I love to cook, I just don’t like to follow recipes. It never works for me. I just throw in whatever I think is going taste good.”

Humor-starved Baton Rougeans can get their fill of funny when Dickerson hits the stage at Holiday Inn Baton Rouge South on Friday, March 28, for “I’m About 2 Pop.”

“It’s my one-woman comedy explosion,” Dickerson said.

The show has been a dream of Dickerson’s since she dipped her toes in the stand-up waters four years ago. A former communications and public relations officer with Louisiana Workforce Commission who now works as the Policy & Planning Program Manager at Louisiana Department of Health and Hospitals, Dickerson began doing motivational speaking in 2000. Self-referrals saw her clients grow into the corporate realm, but through her motivational speaking – always infused with a touch of humor – Dickerson learned a valuable truth.

“I hate to stay it,” she said, “but most people don’t want be motivated. They just want to laugh.”

Her foray into comedy began by hosting a comedy show in 2010, but Dickerson knew afterward she wanted to perform, not host. So she began accumulating material from her every day life, soliciting friends and family for funny moments but also paying attention to the serious side of life.

“It may not always be funny, but I can always find the laugher or ah-ha moment in it,” she said. “It’s a delicate blend of a lot of things. For me, sometimes it’s painful or a real world experience, but someone else may be having the same issues and don’t know how to handle it.

“In that moment at the show, they can laugh about it. It’s now okay; there’s someone else who has this issue and can make it funny.”

Friday’s show is the culmination of the last four years for Dickerson. It’s been a dream of hers to produce a show, but obstacles like funding and free time always stood in the way.

She’s blasted them down, now. The show is selling like wildfire – over 200 tickets pre-sale – with Dickerson doing a lot of the selling in person. Many an unknowing stranger has chanced upon an encounter with a flier-wielding Dickerson.

“Beauty salons, barber shops, restaurants…I literally hit the street,” she said. “I’ve been hustling.”

Dickerson says face-to-face interaction with random people has been an effective strategy.

“What I’ve learned is that when I’m connecting with everyone on the streets, they think it’s so fresh to see me in person and not some intern or person I hired to do it,” she said.  “I’m really sincere in hoping they come to the show.”

What isn’t always sincere is Dickerson’s hair. While she rocks a natural do when doling out fliers, Dickerson doesn’t hesitate to dress it up when she’s out on the town promoting her work.

“I own about 27 wigs, and when I hand out the fliers in public, it’s all natural, just me, no wig,” she said. “But if I’m going to a club or popular event, I’ll put on a wig that’ll stand out. It’s my ‘hustle hair’ that’s going to draw attention.”

It works. Dickerson said she’s been called everything from Black Barbie to Beyonce´; one oddball even asked her if she was a Clip Art model.

Whether it’s Clip Art or cooking, Dickerson’s response to life’s odd questions never changes.

She just laughs.

“Whenever you have an opportunity to live life and laugh and love your family and love what you do,” she said, “that’s what it’s all about.”

For information on tickets, visit www.ImAbout2Pop.EventBrite.com

Tiffany Dickerson’s Recipe for Humor

  • Dash of delivery
  • Pinch of personality
  • Extra splash of relevant material
  • Pounds of practice and performing
  • Tablespoon of thick skin
  • Cup of perseverance
  • Lots of laughs
  • Teaspoon of improv
  • Add a zest of inspiration and real-world experience
  • Mixed with a great team
  • Combined with the support of family, friends and sponsors

Yields a rich and delicious comedic gumbo served hot by the Mic Chick!


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