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Silver Lining: Husband and wife create their own brand right out of their Airstream home

Max Zoghbi and Bonnie Kate decided a long time ago that home is where the heart is, and for this husband-and-wife duo, that can be anywhere they choose on the open road. Their renovated Airstream trailer, “Rosemary,” can be found in the hills of Nashville, or the Texan plains at any given time. The couple doesn’t stay in one spot for very long and only return to their home base of Baton Rouge for two months at a time.

The couple formed the idea to combine traveling and full-time work to deal with the aftermath of the July 2012 theatreshooting in Aurora, Colorado where Bonnie Kate was shot in the knee. Since the shooting, she has undergone several surgeries with lengthy recuperation times, but still lives with chronic pain. After testifying in 2015, they decided to close that chapter of their lives and create something positive for themselves.

“We said, ‘You know what, we’re living in pain… let’s do something that will [create] confidence,” Zoghbi said. “What brings us joy? Traveling, serving others, creating and friends.”

Their real silver lining came in the form of a renovated ’79 Airstream trailer dubbed “Rosemary,” that serves as both home and work space for the young couple, enabling them to travel all over the United States and work wherever they may park. It is a combination of living out the American Dream, but with a tiny house movement spin. Zoghbi has experience in video production, documentary, and commercial work and Bonnie Kate works as a designer with experience in baking, illustration, and styling. Zoghbi stated that he and Bonnie Kate’s careers allow them both to work anywhere and because of that, they decided to see where their combined skills and passions would take them while also getting to see more of the country.

“I said we should make a brand and see how this works,” Zoghbi said. “We want to do it now while we still can. ”

Their brand would become Adventure Us, a unique business that launched after Zoghbi’s self-directed proposal video to Bonnie Kate went viral. With over 50,000 Instagram followers, the couple launched a YouTube channel in September. Adventure Us provides services including film work from casting to script and storyboard to directing, lighting, and design work such as wedding staging, set design or commissioned illustrations. The couple has been all over the Southeast region, hitting states such as Texas, Tennessee and Alabama telling stories and providing services along the way.

“We’re traveling to do commercial projects, but we’re also traveling to tell stories for our YouTube channel,” Zoghbi said. “We wrap up one project and work on another. Our YouTube channel…is full of adventures.”

They found their mobile home studio on Craigslist and totally gutted it to suit the couple’s needs. Zoghbi said it fits in with their love of history.

“[Airstreams] have a very particular look to them, you know it looks like a big silver pill,” Zoghbi said. “They last forever, they’re reliable, and they hold their value over time.”

Once they had Rosemary, it was outfitted with brand new hardwood floors, entirely white walls, a vintage couch from the ‘70s, glittering lights, and a cypress bar. A ‘50s filing cabinet converted into a pantry and items from thrift stores and garage sales adorn the space to make it their own.

“My wife has an incredible eye…she just knows how to create,” Zoghbi said. “It’s really a cool space; I really love it. It’s so much fun to be able to hitch up our house behind our truck and hit the road. It’s literally our house. We don’t have a house in Baton Rouge. We live out of there; we work out of there.”

Zoghbi said the greatest benefit of living in Rosemary is calling home wherever they wanted to drive that night. They also can park and see a lot of the country, they don’t have a mortgage, and they get to work and play together with their best friend—each other. Since they don’t have a big house, they spend much of their time together so a lot of compromise is done to avoid conflicts. But there is the occasional downside, he said, such as lack of a guest bedroom for someone to stay the night, and the lack of running, hot water.

“Make sure the person you’re doing it with is your best friend and is someone you can talk to about anything,” Zoghbi said. “Ideally, it’s your husband or your wife, in a perfect world, but I would say it’s not for everybody, and it’s not forever, but I would say it’s totally doable. It is stories like this that we’ll tell our kids someday.”

Photo courtesy of Adventure US.


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