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Paige Montana talks beauty in self care and art

Artist and skincare blogger Paige Montana opens up about her style, art, and skincare tips and tricks. Check her out on Instagram (@paige_montana_) to stay up to date on the latest face masks and beauty hacks.

How she defines the blog… from beauty and skincare to art and design.

It is tricky to define my blog, but at the end of the day it is a reflection of what my days consist of. I like to share many aspects of my life, and the two things that occupy most of my time are art and skincare. Naturally these things are the most popular topics, however I have considered adding more lifestyle posts like workouts and recipes in the future.

How she got started…

My first job out of college was in skincare. I would consult with people on what products would be best to use for specific concerns. I fell in love with helping people achieve their skin goals and decided to create a space with more information for people seeking it.

How her work has evolved since…

When I started my blog, I was writing primarily about skincare routines and art that I was working on. I still post about different routines, but I haven’t been posting art as often because the demand for skincare has been so high. The art posts are coming back soon, so stay tuned!

Her favorite skincare product she’s using right now…

Oh wow, I feel like I always have a new favorite product. But I think a product that I will always keep around is my Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides. I swear by this stuff! Ever since I started incorporating it in my routine, my nails grow faster, my hair is thicker, and my skin is glowing. Plus, it is super easy to use! I mix a scoop of this in my coffee every morning and I’m good to go.

What she would recommend to newcomers in the world of skincare…

Take it slow! Don’t feel like you need to add a bunch of new products at once. If you try one new product at a time you will really be able to see if you like it. Also, be patient. Don’t think you are going to get the results you want overnight.

Her best skincare hack…

I love to layer oils under my clay masks. It makes them so much easier to wash off, and it turns any detoxifying mask into a hydrating/purifying/anti-aging superhero.

Her opinion: drugstore beauty products or name-brand?

Drugstore products have seriously stepped it up, I cannot believe how many great things I have found at Target and CVS lately! The way I look at it is, if it is going to end up down the drain, you don’t have to splurge. That means cleansers, makeup removers, and some masks you can get away with not spending as much. I would invest in serums, moisturizers, and sunscreen.

Her opinion: Glossier, yay or nay?

I love me some Boy Brow! Pretty much everything I have tried from Glossier has become a go to for me, however I haven’t tried everything…yet. I have noticed some mixed reviews on their latest launches, but all in all I like the line.

The strangest beauty trend she’s tried…

Microneedling has to be the strangest thing I have tried. Basically you roll tiny needles all over your face and it will boost your collagen production. Definitely do your research before you try it, and make sure you invest in the proper tools, but it really does help with fine lines and it even faded some of my acne scars!

How she describes her creative style…

My creative style has evolved in the last couple years. My work used to be very colorful and abstract, and while it is still abstract now, I tend to gravitate toward a more neutral color palette.

Photos courtesy of Jordan Hefler


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