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Sky-High Serenity

By Bri Basco



Sometimes, finding your zen is best done above ground level.

Purusa Yoga hosted Acro Weekend this past week to teach partner acrobatic yoga in depth. The two-day event offered workshops that taught the foundational techniques of the handstand, acrobatic washing machines, and acrobatic pops by Aaron Lind, a traveling acroyoga teacher.

The weekend offered a chance to meet new community members as Lind shared some of his skills in hopes to generate some excitement for a few upcoming events including acrobatic intensives for beginners, intermediate, and advanced. Lind and his partner, Christine Moonbeam, have been training in Holland and teach at Acro festivals every weekend all over the country.­­ Lind has lived in Baton Rouge since 2002 and works as a yoga teacher and musician.

“I came up here to connect with the community and have a good time,” said Lind. “I travel a lot and most of the time I’m not in Louisiana anymore. I’ll come back a few weeks at a time to share with the community. It’s nice to reconnect.”

For Lind, AcroYoga was a complete accident.

“I didn’t mean to get into it,” said Lind. “I was a gymnast and I did rock climbing. I did a lot of backpacking and skiing as a kid. But when I started yoga after I graduated from UNO with a music degree, I was very serious. I was a very disciplined yoga student, and I would take my practice in a really disciplined way. I saw people playing with AcroYoga and I was like they’re playing, that’s not real yoga. I was a stick in the mud about it, but I took the workshop and it was fun.”

Friday kicked off acro-weekend with a handstand workshop that dissected the handstand and taught basic tumbling to ensure safety. Saturday had two sessions: the washing machine workshop and pops. A washing machine is an acrobatic pose that starts in one place and moves to a series of other positions that lands in the same position, like a washing machine. The pop workshop gives it self away by the name: it takes AcroYoga to another level as you learn how to throw or toss your partner from different positions.

Lind’s favorite workshop of the weekend was the washing machine class:

“I haven’t taught the washing machine class for quite a while. I’ve been teaching a lot of pops and Icarian games, which is throwing your partner from one pose to another,” said Lind. “I’ve been training a lot in Holland with my coaches over there so it was really remembering the skills and remembering how much time it took to develop what it took and how to do it myself. It took a lot more time to learn to teach it to students. I love remembering that process and that I enjoy teaching it.”

Lind emphasizes the importance of each step of the process.

“Some of the ideas we talked about this weekend were how it is important to learn to fall in love with the process to get towards a goal as you assess levels of success instead of oh I got it: that was a successful attempt; or oh I didn’t get it: that was a failure.”

“The best approach is recognizing the parts that feel really good as we work towards the things we want,” added Lind. “So when we start to develop a little awareness of what’s going well, we can focus on the part that needs adjusting and are able to build instead of only thinking that we have failed. The next thought should be, ‘How do I need to adjust and do I have a really good attitude about it?’”


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