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Small Government, Big Talk: Lenar Whitney

By Claire Salinas

Lenar Whitney is the only Republican female contender in the race for the sixth Congressional District.

Whitney currently serves in the Louisiana House of Representatives, where she represents District 53.

She has owned a dance studio since she was 18, currently serves as the Account Executive for AccessComm, and before now her name hasn’t been well known outside the town of Houma, of which she has been a life-long resident.

That all changed when Whitney announced her candidacy at the Republican Leadership Conference in May of this year.
“I believe Republicans can make history, beginning in 2014,” she said. “We have a chance to start a movement and that’s a movement I feel called to be a part of.”

Whitney has one of the strongest Conservative voting records in the Louisiana House and believes she will be chosen for “my past performance. I think that’s the main reason people are calling for me to run.”

“Global Warming is a Hoax”

Whitney is now no stranger to the spotlight. She has made a big splash on the national political scene lately making the bold claim that, “Global warming is a hoax.”

“It has been almost ten years since failed presidential candidate Al Gore put out his propaganda film, An Inconvenient Truth, proclaiming that the actions of America’s energy industry are causing a catastrophic rise in the earth’s temperatures,” she said in the video. “The earth has done nothing but get colder each year since the film’s release.”

American Oil is the Answer

During the duration of her four minute and forty-four second video, Whitney offers her solution to the problem: producing more domestic oil – a solution that is sure to be popular in oil-laden Louisiana.

“We could replace Russia as Europe’s primary energy provider, instantly drying up Putin’s wealth and with it his renewed Russian nationalism,” she said. “We could also cripple the economies of Middle Eastern nations who spend much of their oil profits, developing new ways to blow the U.S. off the face of the Earth.  It [global warming] is merely a strategy to give more power to the executive branch while increasing taxes.”

Specter Rejecter

Whitney identifies herself as a “Constitutional Conservative” and claims on her website that she will, “never vote to expand federal gun laws. Period.”

Whitney opposes the expansion of Medicaid in Louisiana because she believes the federal government is heading for bankruptcy, and doesn’t want Louisiana to have to shoulder the responsibility of paying for those plans in the event this happens.

In her campaign video on the issue she says, “True, Washington would cover a whopping $900 million of it but there would still be about $50 million that would fall on the shoulders of Louisiana. The worst thing is that the federal funding diminishes in just a few years. Eventually Louisiana would pay a large part ourselves.”

Whitney’s overarching campaign message comes at the end of her video that outlines her position on global warming.

“A specter is haunting America,” she said, “and that specter is big government.”


This is the second in a series of features profiling the candidates for Louisiana’s Sixth District Congressional seat, up for election this fall, DIG does not offer endorsements to any candidates for any office. 



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