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SoSis: A Trendy Online Boutique

By Yuwa Vosper

Two Southern sisters, Annie Claire L. Bass and Chelsey Laborde, had a continuing desire to venture into business together. These two LSU graduates decided to combine their degrees –fashion merchandising and mass communications – to open an online boutique.  By launching their boutique online, they can access customers nationwide while featuring high-fashion merchandise perfect for any trendsetter.

They sat down with us for a chat about their business and how they are bringing trends to their home state.

Q. What is SoSis?
A. SoSis is a new online boutique offering trendy clothes at affordable prices to women everywhere. Our mission is “to provide fashion-forward minds an online destination for breaking trends, signature styles and creative ideas that feed the soul and compel you to achieve your goals – all with unmatched service and affordable prices.” My sister, Chelsey, and I have been dreaming this up for quite some time now, and we’re excited to see it finally become a reality.

Q. Why did you decide on an online boutique?
A. Since graduating in fashion merchandising from Louisiana State University, I’ve wanted to open a boutique and I knew it would be a big undertaking. My sister and I have always wanted to go into business together. Chelsey graduated in Mass Communication. After preparing an in-depth business plan and not making a move for a while, we finally said – what the heck are we waiting for? Life doesn’t look like it’s slowing down any time soon for either of us and honestly, is there ever a perfect time? Both of us agreed. We decided to open our boutique online to keep our target market wide open. We want to reach women everywhere, not just those that can drive to us – although we love them too.

Q. Why the name?
A. Well, after a lot of time debating our name, we finally stopped thinking about it and waited to see what stuck. After a few glasses of wine one night, it hit us! We’re just two Southern sisters looking to make our mark on the fashion world. Southern sisters−SoSis!

Q. What are some fall trends that you feature in your merchandise?
A. Our Mrs. Potter Sheer Jacket may be one of my favorite trendy pieces that we have for fall right now. The ability to layer this piece on so many things and make a ‘statement’ is so fun and gets me excited. And in this unpredictable Louisiana weather, it’s the perfect “jacket.” A lot of our fall clothes feature touches of leather often mixed with another fabric –chiffon, knit, cotton. It’s fun mixing textures, and it’s very “in” this season. We also feature lots of neutral tones mixed with vibrant prints.

Q. How do you suggest wearing trends, especially to transition into fall?
A. Confidently. Let’s face it, Louisiana isn’t the fastest to embrace trends. However, many of us want to, we just aren’t sure how. Our SoSis blog posts talk a lot about how to style some of our pieces with what you already own. However, nothing compares to the confidence you bring when you wear a bold piece of clothing. Own it. Love it. Others will feel that and want it too.


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