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Sound Board: This week, DIG’s staff picks the sounds they can’t get out of their heads.

Podcast: Lore, UnboxedAlbum: Empire SoundtrackAlbum: The Misfits, Walk Among UsPodcast: Sports Illustrated Media Podcast with Richard DeitschSingle: Fetty Wap (ft. Monty), Jugg

Rebecca Docter, Managing Editor
Rebecca Docter, Managing Editor

I love all things spooky, and this podcast is just that. Host Aaron Mahnke takes popular myths and legends and digs into the history of them, with the results being more ghastly than you could imagine. This episode features the creepiest doll I’ve ever heard of.  


Tara Bennet, Entertainment Editor
Tara Bennet, Entertainment Editor

While Glee and its copycats are no longer new and innovative, there is something about musical television series that gets my toes tapping. I’m currently digging the OSTs to Fox’s musical drama Empire. Produced by Timbaland, this collection of heavy beats and lovely ballads proves that hip-hop and R&B are king. My favorite tune thus far is “No Doubt About It.”


 walk among us

Bryce Page, Editorial Intern
Bryce Page,
Editorial Intern

The Misfits have a long, weird history; from different lineups and drama to appearances on “WCW Monday Nitro” — seriously, look it up it’s classic — the band’s a pop culture mainstay. Their debut album Walk Among Us is actually the third they recorded but the first full length; either way, it’s a classic. It’s also the only one with the original lineup completely intact. Just about every song is great, so give this one a run-through if you haven’t before.


Andrew Alexander, Sports Editor
Andrew Alexander,
Sports Editor

From Scott Van Pelt to Katie Nolan, Sports Illustrated’s Richard Deitsch dives deep with some of the biggest names in sports media. Sports media personalities educate listeners on their process of preparation, speak on their individual career journeys and answer Deitsch’s sometimes tough, but well-intentioned questions. This is a must listen for sports fans wanting a clearer picture of the individuals they watch, read and listen to on a daily basis.


Rickey Miller, Campus Editor
Rickey Miller,
Campus Editor

Once again, Fetty Wap has gifted us with another track to party and dance to.  “Jugg” is one of those songs that you will hear one time and won’t be able to get it out of your head.  The catchy song has its signature Fetty Wap style and while you may not understand every lyric, it won’t stop you from attempting to sing as lyric as loud as possible.  This is a track you definitely want to add to your weekend playlist!



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