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Sounding Off: Tailgating proposal

If you haven’t heard, there’s a new proposal in the works for LSU tailgating. Many students are fighting back against the proposed policy, feeling as though these rules are a direct target against their fun. The policies under consideration will mostly regulate alcohol consumption and tailgating hours for these organizations. Here’s what our team had to say:

Rickey Miller, Campus Editor

My favorite time of the year is football season and a big part of the reason I love football season so much is because of tailgating. One of my biggest issues with the new policy is—
why does it only affect student organizations?

If there are going to rules for tailgating then it should apply to everyone and not just student organizations. This absolutely makes no sense to me.

Also, I feel that this new policy could change the dynamic of tailgating, especially for Greeks. Many of these students will either sneak their alcohol or just find different locations to tailgate like their frat and sorority houses where they won’t be told how much they can drink and what they can do

Emily Fruge, Campus Writer

As a part of LSU’s Greek Life, I, along with many other students, are impacted by these proposed changes. LSU has always been known for our unique, unforgettable tailgates where everybody comes together for the same purpose: watching the Tigers win. Why alter that?

Unfortunately, only part of LSU will be affected by these new regulations: the hundreds of clubs that make LSU such a diverse community. Why only target those part of clubs at LSU? Those who aren’t part of clubs and those who are not students of LSU, but gather to join in on the fun, are not affected. It is reasonable and understandable for the proposers of the regulations to want to do this to keep students safe. Our culture should not be tampered with, and the tailgate parties LSU has always been known for should remain unchanged.

Linhyen Lai , Campus Writer

I’ve actually never been to a single football game in my life, but I have worked as a suite manager for a semester in the Tiger Den Suites. From what I observed with everyone tailgating, getting drunk for a game seems to be the norm. This coming fall semester, however, I plan to attend all the football games as it will probably be my last year here at LSU.

Although I am a little disappointed that I didn’t get to experience the tailgating before these new regulations were implemented, I also don’t feel as if I’m missing out on much because I drink alcohol too often. I also believe that this will actually be good for students and people in general to remember how to have fun and enjoy one another’s company without abusing alcohol to the point of blacking out, becoming impaired to drive, or hold a genuine conversation. Not only will this benefit the community, but I think it will also benefit everyone’s safety, as well as foster balance and self-control.

No one is stopping anyone from drinking or having fun. Drinking isn’t prohibited. It’s still allowed. Just not too much. And frankly, too much of anything is unhealthy. The University cares enough to want to help everyone, and we should care enough to respect that and try to put ourselves into their shoes to see from their perspective.

Maureen Lively , Campus Writer

I’ve been to many tailgates and sometimes they do get out of hand. I understand with Campus Life wanting to make changes to prevent alcohol abuse after seeing the correlation between alcohol use and hospital transports. But my gold blood tells me to stand for tradition and fight on the side of student organizations. But realistically, if the real goal is to make changes to prevent alcohol abuse and keep LSU students safe then both sides should give and take a little. I don’t know the solution but students should be willing to put up with reasonable regulations in regards to ya know, their health and life.

Meanwhile Campus Life needs to consider their new regulations will change how tailgates on game day are ran, it will also cause a lot more sneaking around , rule bending and it would be killing part of LSU tradition. Both arguments are reasonable and they need to find room to compromise.


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