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Speciality coffees in Baton Rouge to get your day going

Maybe you need an extra pick-me-up, or maybe it’s just a treat yo’ self kind of day. No matter the reason, Baton Rouge has a lot to offer when it comes to specialty coffees. Try one of these carefully crafted concoctions from your favorite local cafés on your next coffee run:

Voodoo Elixir

Where to get it: City Pork LSU, White Star Market

This potion is Rêve Coffee Roasters’ take on New Orleans’ classic chicory coffee. First it’s steeped with honey, cinnamon and nutmeg, then mixed with goat milk and ice — shaken, not stirred. If you’re feeling down, one sip of this will definitely spice up your mood.

Bonus: City Pork LSU offers three other in-house speciality drinks sure to get your day going.

NOLA Iced Coffee

Where to get it: French Truck Coffee

As a preferred summer drink for many in New Orleans, French Truck Coffee gifted this treat to Baton Rouge. It’s the ultimate iced coffee blended from New Orleans dark roast and chicory coffee. Ask for it fully dressed (milk and sugar) for its full effect. Order this to start your day off right or for a midday pick-me-up!

Hibiscus Fizz

Where to get it: White Star Market

This herbal espresso twist on a classic Iced Americano. Instead of still water, Rêve Coffee Roasters opt for sparkling water and mix in a bit of house-made honey-hibiscus-ginger syrup. Drinking one of these is a refreshing way to get that boost you need throughout the day.

Vietnamese Iced Coffee

Where to get it: District Donuts

Although this may seem like regular coffee, it packs a big punch. The sweetened-condensed milk creates the perfect mix of earthy and sweet. Its velvety texture makes you want it on those days when you’re really feelin’ yourself.  

Bonus: Check to see if they have Vietnanese Iced Coffee donuts on rotation!

Cereal Latte

Where to get it: Light House Coffee

For those days when you just cannot skip your coffee but need something sweet, try this latte with Fruity Pebbles steeped milk. A favorite on the menu, the Cereal Latte is nostalgia in a cup.

Cinnamon Roll Latte

Where to get it: Brew Ha-Ha! 

Get it before it’s gone! This week, Brew Ha-Ha is featuring a Cinnamon Roll latte. This speciality will trick you into thinking you’re actually eating a cinnamon roll — one sip at a time. Check in with Brew Ha-Ha every week to see what other creations it has to offer. 

Swiss Bliss Superfood Latte

Where to get it: Magpie Café

A brew good for the mind, body and soul. Made with Sun Potion Anandamide raw cacao, house-made cashew milk and rose petals, this latte is crafted to bring more bliss to your day.

Bonus: Magpie’s Superfood Latte comes in other flavors like beet and matcha.s


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