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By Brad Jones

Go in your kitchen and check the spice cabinet. How old are your spices? If the answer is “older than six months” or “I don’t know,” it’s time to head to Red Stick Spice Company. Red Stick Spice Company has been in operation for the past few years and is the go to shop for spices, teas, olive oils, and local ingredients.

Home cooks everywhere have experienced that moment when a recipe calls for half a teaspoon of some obscure spice and the grocery store only sells it in a four-ounce container. It can be frustrating to use certain spices when you know you will have to pay for a large container and never use it again. At Red Stick Spice, you can buy your spices for the amount you need, and it will always be the same price. They can also help you find uses for the spices you get.

The best thing about Red Stick Spice Company (besides their products) is their customer service and culinary outreach. As a customer, you can walk in to Red Stick Spice with a vague notion of what you want to cook and they will help you figure out what spices will pair well with what you are cooking. Owner Anne Milneck, a professionally trained chef, goes out of her way to help the home cook make delicious food. On their website, they offer an amazing amount of tasty recipes utilizing their spices and ingredients. The store also frequently holds events where they will teach customers how to cook dishes and master spice techniques.

Along with spices and specialty spice blends, Red Stick Spice offers teas, oils, and many local ingredients. Looking for that hard to find tea? They probably have it. Looking for a barrel aged bourbon sea salt? They have it (and its delicious). Although it is great to go in looking for something specific, the best advice is to go ask questions, explore, and try things.

As fall is starting to settle in and the holidays are around the corner, here are a few things to try right now at Red Stick Spice Company:

Spices to Try

The Red Stick Dry Brine

For turkey or chicken, this dry brine will be perfect for a holiday bird or an easy weekday roast.

Pumpkin Pie Spice / Apple Pie Spice

Both of these blends are knockouts for what they are intended for, but can be great on other stuff. The apple pie spice is a winner on sweet potatoes.

Pickling Spices

I love canning and pickling, but I hate having to gather up 15 different pickling spices. Red Stick Spice has you covered.

Teas to Try


This tea smells like you are sitting in front of a warm campfire, wrapped in a wool blanket. The taste will warm you up on a brisk fall night. Best consumed outdoors surrounded by chilly night air.

Pumpkin Spice Tea

Still tastes like a great tea, but gives you that pumpkin pie feel. This pumpkin spice beverage doesn’t taste artificial, like they sometimes do, and it has a great pumpkin flavor.

Red Stick Spice Company is open 10AM to 6PM

Monday through Friday, Saturday 10AM to 5PM, and Sunday 12PM to 4PM. Their primary location is 7970 Jefferson Hwy, Suite G. You can find more information and tons of great recipes at http://www.redstickspice.com/.


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