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Spring break ready: The ultimate checklist for your trip

Ahhh…Spring Break, our favorite time of the year!  A week of late nights, no school, and making bad choices with friends – what more could you ask for?  Like most students, you probably have plans to get out of town and take a fun excursion with your besties.  Whether you’re heading for the beach or heading for the city street, there are just some things you MUST have and MUST do while on your trip.  So, like always DIG is here to help you pack and make sure you and your friends have the time of your lives!

What To Bring!

Packing can be extremely tedious and troublesome, especially when you’re heading for an extended trip like spring break.  Don’t stress though… we have a checklist of everything you will need!

Toiletries: There’s nothing worse than getting to your destination and realizing… “OMG, I forgot my toothbrush and toothpaste!”  From that point on, it becomes almost impossible to find a local Wal-Mart, CVS, or any other type of retail store that sells affordable toiletries items.  So make sure you double check for all your toiletries essential before leaving your home.

Beauty Items: Like you would ever forget to bring your makeup or your sunscreen…but you may not think to bring these lifesaving items…

  • Baby Powder: It works great as a replacement for dry shampoo.  No more greasy hair!
  • Razors: This is a big one!  Most people never think to bring their razors on a trip until they are ready to hit the beach and realize they haven’t shaved all winter…yeah, you definitely don’t want to forget that!
  • Bug Spray: If your trip involves being outdoors, you will definitely want to bring some type of bug repellent.  Bug bites are not cute.
  • Nail Polish/ Nail Polish Remover: Change up your look by switching out your nail color!  It can make a huge difference with your outfit!  And speaking of outfit…

Clothes and Accessories: One important thing to remember when packing clothes is to avoid over-packing.  So, make sure you pack pieces that you can mix & match easily – pieces that work well with both your nightlife look and your daytime look.  And just to help you, we’ve included some of our favorite spring fashion pieces you should definitely bring…

  • Crop tops and bandeaus for her: Very trendy and weather appropriate, crop tops and bandeaus can easily transform a daytime look into a great look for the bar.  These pieces also work great as swimsuit tops, if you don’t actually plan on getting in the water.
  • A Really Fly Pair Of Sunglasses: Nothing completes a daytime outfit like a really cool pair of sunglasses to keep the sun out.
  • Straw Hat/ Sun Hat: It may sound crazy but straw hats are actually the “in” style for spring.  They work great if you’re in a place like the beach!  And, if straw hats aren’t really your thing, there are definitely wide brim sun hats that will fit your style.
  • Sundresses for her: Sundresses are light, easily packed and great for a casual day.  They are ideal because they are trendy, yet they don’t require effort.

The Fun Stuff: These items will for sure make your trip even better!

  • Spring Break Jams: If you’re on a road trip, a good playlist is the key to a successful drive to your destination and back home.
  • Flask: Yup, it’s a must.
  • Bluetooth Speaker: If you’re on the beach, a good Bluetooth speaker is one of those items you’d definitely want to pack!
  • Card Games: Fun card games like “Cards Against Humanity” are the perfect way to keep things interesting during your downtime with your friends.
  • Laptop: Don’t forget to bring your laptop.  It will come in handy if you’re bored, want to watch a movie, find a good restaurant or search for popular nightclubs.

What To Do!

And you know we had to give you our spring break bucket list.  If you follow our list your spring break is sure to be a hit!

  • Make at least 5 new Snapchat friends during your trip.
  • Take at least 10 pictures a day including your friends, interesting sites, and funny moments.  This will make for awesome memories in the future.  
  • Try something you’ve always been afraid to do, with your friends. 
  • Do something nice for someone while on your trip. 
  • Try not using your cellphone for at least 10 hours during your trip.  You’ll realize just how awesome your friends are! 
  • Try eating foods specific to the local culture that you’re visiting. 
  • Learn something new everyday about the place you’re visiting.
  • Party for an entire 24 hours!


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