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Spring Break?

By Rickey Miller

Sitting on the beach, with a drink in hand, taking selfies all day… that’s the life many of us picture when spring break comes to mind. However, circumstances can turn your dream week into a boring week at home – but hey, when life gives you lemons, make a lemon drop martini. Whether it’s not having the funds to afford a lavish trip with your friends or not being able to travel because you can’t take time off from work, many college students will find themselves struggling with having nothing to do. Not to worry though— I’m here to help you through your seemingly dreadful week at home.

Binge-watch Netflix.

I never said that I would give you the most productive ideas. What better way to spend a spring break than with unhealthy snacks, a blanket, and a list of shows that you’ve been meaning to watch all year? Whether you’re starting a new series or you’re catching up with a series you’ve already begun, Netflix is one of the most unproductive, yet most entertaining ways to spend a week of rest and relaxation. Here are a few recommendations:

Revenge (2011-2013) –Starring Emily VanCamp, Joshua Bowman

Orange Is The New Black (2013-2014) – Starring Taylor Schilling, Laura Prepon

House of Cards (2013 – 2015) – Starring Kevin Spacey, Robin Wright, Kate Mara

American Horror Story (2011 – 2013) – Starring Evan Peters, Jessica Lange

Friends (1994 – 2003) – Starring Courteney Cox, David Schwimmer

But if you decide to be productive, do a little Spring Cleaning.

It’s not the most fun thing to do on a break, however, spring cleaning can make your life a lot easier and more organize, saving you time and trouble in the future. Depending on how disorganized your life is, spring-cleaning can quickly take up have of your week if not longer. Tips for cleaning: If you bribe your friends with alcohol in exchange for helping you do a little cleaning, not will it decrease the time you spend tirelessly cleaning, but it can also turn boring tasking into something fun.

Join in the festivities.

The season of festivals is upon us! One of the pros about being stuck in Baton Rouge for spring break is the fact that a lot of exciting festivals begin the very same week, like the Baton Rouge Blues Festival, Ponchatoula Strawberry Festival, and Boudin Festival.

Give back.

While this may sound pretty corny, you could increase your karma by giving back during your spring break. A lot of times we use the excuses, “I don’t have enough time” or “I wish I could help but I have so much going on with school. The great thing about spring break is, you have more time than you know what to do with. If you’re sitting home anyways, why not do something charitable? Do some community service or even simply donate time to someone who needs a friend.

Get moving.

Spring break is the perfect time for you to begin a healthy workout routine. No more “I have too much going on, I’ll workout tomorrow.” You now actually have the time to get your body used to a healthy routine. Along with working out, because you’re probably going to be home not doing anything, you can also take the time to cook a healthy meal instead of getting your usual drive-through meal. Save money and calories.

The bars are still open.

Although its spring break, that doesn’t mean the bars are shut down. If you find yourself exceptionally bored but you have the itch to go be social, all your favorite bars will still be open. Of course, the crowd will be slim, but it’s better than being upset because you’re looking at all your friend’s SnapChat pics on the beach. Tips for nightlife: Go check out our Gameplan pages to see drink/food specials and events happening near you.

Get plenty of rest, but not too much.

Take advantage of the time you have off from school to sleep in – but don’t sleep your life away! The one thing you may regret about your spring break is looking back on it and realizing you spent half or more of your time sleeping. There’s plenty to do now that you have this helpful guide to fighting boredom during your spring break.


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