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By Nick BeJeaux

DIG Magazine received tremendous positive feedback on its coverage of the legislative session. The session concluded last week and we can’t very well cover something that isn’t happening, but many of our readers are still pining away for their political fix. Statesmen & Snollygosters is our answer to that yearning.

If you’ve gotten to this point and don’t belong to the part of our readership that gives a crap about politics you’ve probably said in your head or aloud, DIG is for bands and events; why are they covering politics? Answer: because we can and should. And also for kicks.

This column is dedicated to putting a lens on local politics, offering analysis and breakdowns that cuts out the jargon and presents irrefutable truths. Of course, it wouldn’t be a DIG column without a hefty helping of snarky humor and thinly-veiled jabs – but it’s all for your enjoyment. That said, this magazine is not a pedestal for candidates or advancing agendas. We’re equal-opportunity haters when it comes to stupidity, so as long as lawmakers stay smart, they have nothing to worry about from us.

But what constitutes stupidity?

The politics of DIG’s writers, especially in this column, do not reflect the views of the entire magazine. While we strive to provide balanced analysis, sometimes we have to call out a councilman or a representative because, frankly, they sometimes behave irresponsibly and foolishly. That said, we’ll also point out successes in the world of politics, such as advances in human rights, civic improvements or bi-partisan cooperation.

To ensure this doesn’t turn into a soapbox, the columns are vetted by editors before publication to weed out rants, unfounded accusations and general B.S. Balance, accuracy and humor are what we’re going for, we’re not looking to start World War III.

We believe co-operation is vital to the discussion and implementation of policy, so we want to hear from you about the issues that bother you and the ones you support. Tell us what you think about local and state issues on twitter using #iDIGpolitics. Do us a favor and keep it civil.

We also invite you to call us out.

We are fallible reporters and while we do the best we can, sometimes we slip up. Let us know if we present a lop-sided analysis or if we don’t have all the facts. Your input is important and, if nothing else, will get you away from the billions of mind-rotting cat videos on youtube (yeah, right).

Our first installment of S&S delving into the politics of BR will be in our June 18 issue. In the mean time, blow up our Twitter feed with your personal insights into the political machinations of Baton Rouge.  Happy tweeting!


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