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Stories through a Lens

By Rande Archer

Have an interest in telling stories and videography? Well NOVAC:BR’s Introduction to DSLR Cameras might be the class for you. Free of charge and requiring no outside supplies, NOVACs class requires only a simple application that’s due Friday, August 21.

Taking place over the course of two days on August 29-30 at NOVAC:BR’s offices in downtown Baton Rouge at The Creative Bloc, the class will focus on videography with DSLR cameras and will be taught by videographer veteran Brian Dryden. Also, NOVAC will be providing a camera for each student to learn with, making the class truly free.

“Our goal is to continue to provide resources and tools that allow local storytellers to have a voice,” said NOVAC:BR Programs Manager Elizabeth Hutchison. “This could include a variety of people from the independent filmmaker to an organization that has a need to spread their message. DSLR cameras are an inexpensive and accessible way to get that process started no matter the reason. And this course is perfect for anyone that wants to learn the basic knowledge needed to be proficient from beginners to intermediate users.”

Bringing expertise from the outdoor film industry, Dryden will be sharing his knowledge learned from working on shows on the Outdoors Channel and Sportsman Channel as well as having taught all across the United States.

“We are really excited to have Brian Dryden from Motion Culture Media teaching this course,” said Hutchison. “Brian was self-taught in the beginning stages of his career before receiving traditional training and gaining more experience as his career evolved. We think this makes him an ideal instructor because he can relate to the aspiring storyteller and what it takes not only to get started but to be successful with a DSLR camera.”

Focusing on video usage of a DSLR camera, the course will touch on basics such as settings, camera modes, audio, and motion tools, as well as artistic elements such as composition, angles, the use of focus, and ways to progress and tell a story. In addition, Dryden will be teaching with his own company’s curriculum, which has recently been restructured to teach film to individuals interested in working in the outdoor-related media field.

“This has really helped us since we needed to put together a curriculum for our new film school,” said Dryden. “My partner is a graphic artist, and we also have a social media manager on our team. We come from the outdoor industry where a lot of people are filming hunting and fishing, pretty much any outdoor related content that will be airing on national networks such as the Sportsman Channel or Outdoor Channel. So what we want to do is use my old company is Full Focus Outdoors to create a learning platform where we can teach motion, which would be camera work.”

Dryden will follow this curriculum but will also share experience and knowledge he had learned from the field. Being as transparent as possible, there will be no “trade secrets” kept from students. After each lesson taught, Dryden will hold a Q&A where everything can be asked and will be answered.

“Multiple people in multiple industries think that knowledge is power, and in secrecy don’t want to teach ‘trade secrets’ and we are very against that,” said Dryden. “We think that the more people you can teach, the more people you can get to take your job and promote yourself in growing your own knowledge base and in your craft. I have no problems teaching anything and everything that I know.”

Classes will start at 9 a.m. and will last until 4 p.m. at the NOVAC office inside The Creative Bloc which is located at 804 Main St. To apply for the class, visit novacvideo.org.


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